Giovanna Yannotti: Bio, Physical Stats, Model, Actress, Kurt Angle Wife

Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti is a well-known personality who hails from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She came to his brick-and-mortar world on 26 March 1987.

It makes it clear that her zodiac sign is Aries. Giovanna is a part of Italian and Mexican ethnicity. Her husband Kurt Angle is a former professional wrestler from the United States. 

Giovanna Yannotti: Birthday 

Giovanna Yannotti celebrates her birthday with some top professionals such as keira Knightley, Jonathan Groff, Diana Ross, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Grey, Yuya Yagira, Xiumin, Paige VanZant, Larry Page and many others. Yannotti and other famous names make this day a fantastic one from many different angles.

Physical Stats of Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti has a decent height, standing 5 feet and 8 inches tall. She is a huge prompter of fitness and does put her all to stay fit at the highest level, keeping her weight to 60 kg.

Giovanna Yannotti’s figure stands at the mark of 36-26-36 inches. Her bra size, also known as the club size, is 32B. Yannotti loves to make new tattoos. One can see her adding new tattoos on her body. Yannotti shoe size is 6 (US) and dress size is 4 (US). 

Giovanna Yannotti – Early Life, Relationships, Marriage and Husband

Giovanna Yannotti was born and raised by her parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She completed most of her studies form Pittsburgh only. She was a good learner at her school but was never just too good. Giovanna married Kurt Angle in 2012.

The pair met at an event. They started to talk and took the relationship to another level. Giovanna dated Kurt for a long time before deciding to live with her. She married Kurt in 2012. The pair now has three young children – Nikoletta Sky Angle, Sophia Laine Angle, Giuliana Marie Angle. Giovanna is also a stepmother of two children named Kody Angle and Kyra Angle.

Giovanna is Kurt’s second wife. From 1998 to 2008, Kurt spent a great life with Karen Jarrett. The age gap between Giovanna Yannotti and Kurt Angle is very huge (16 to 17 years). Many think that Yannotti married Kurt because he is a very rich personality. Yannotti denies all these allegations and makes it very clear that her love for Kurt Angle is at a different level. She wants people to think twice before making big allegations. 

Giovanna Yannotti – Professional Career 

Giovanna Yannotti is an American model and actress. She worked for some decent brand in the fashion industry. Even at a very young age, Giovanna got work from many publications.

Giovanna has played some short roles in several American movies and television series. She didn’t take a career to another level. However, Giovanna has done a decent job to feel proud in many different ways.

Giovanna has not been working full time as a model and actress since 2012. She now puts her best to make kids feel happy. Giovanna Yannotti is now more of a homemaker.         

Social Media

Giovanna Yannotti has limited following on social media, which will be on a combined record of 20k plus. Giovanna likes to share her family life and personal work with her fans on social media

Net Worth 

The net worth of Giovanna Yannotti is not very much clear. She has not a fantastic job as a professional. However, her husband is a millionaire. Therefore, she does not need to worry about finance and all.  


Kurt Angle is a former professional wrestler from the United States. Kurt Angle is a legend of the game. He won the Olympic gold in 1996. From 1996 to 2020, Kurt Angle worked for a big brand like WWE and TNA. He has been regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time.  

Elisabeth Reyes: Bio, Wiki, Model, Hobbies, Actress, Age, Family, Sergio Sanchez Ortega Wife

Elisabeth Reyes

Elisabeth Reyes is a well-known Spanish model and actress. Reyes hails from Malaga, Spain. She was born on 25 March 1985, which makes Arias as her zodiac (birth) sign.

Elisabeth feels proud to represent Spanish ethnicity. She believes in Jesus’ blessing. Reyes is the better half of footballer Sergio Sanchez.

Elisabeth Reyes: Birthday 

Reyes shares her special day with some top members such as Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Big Sean, Kyle Lowry, Jenny Slate, Casey Neistat, Katharine McPhee, Gloria Steinem, Danica Patrick, Wladimir Klitschko and many other famous celebrities from around the world. Indeed, they all make the 25th of March a special day.

Physical Stats of Elisabeth Reyes

Elisabeth Reyes has a fine height, standing five feet and 11 inches tall. The bodyweight of Elisabeth is 58 kg. She takes care of her body very well, promoting fitness at the highest level.

Elisabeth has put more than an ample number of tattoos on her body. Elisabeth’s green eyes with blonde hair present a very beautiful and different picture altogether. Her body figure stands 36-25-36 inches.

Childhood, Kids, Early Life, Kids, Marriage, Boyfriends – Elisabeth Reyes

Elisabeth Reyes spent her childhood in Malaga, which is one of the best cities in Spain. She did her schooling from Malaga only. Elisabeth always pushed hard to become a good student in extracurricular activities. She always fancied fashion ahead of academicals.

However, she was not too poor as a school student. Reyes became famous after starting her relationship with Sergio Ramos. Elisabeth and Sergio began their relationship in 2008 and parted ways in the same year. After breaking her tie-up Ramos, she dated Alexis Ruano Delgado but did not find her soul mate in him.

It took her three more years to find her future better-half. In 2014, Elisabeth married Sergio Sanchez and started a new chapter in her life. The couple has not planned to welcome a new member in their family yet. Elisabeth feels extremely proud to have a sound relation with Sergio Sanchez, who takes care of her wife with pull devotion.    

Professional Career Of Elisabeth Reyes

Elisabeth Reyes changed her life in 2008. She won the prestigious competition named Miss Spain. It led her career to another level. Elisabeth started to get work. People liked the way she gives her to make her work look better than others.

Top modelling projects joined Reyes, giving her fame and money. Reyes’ career did not stop in just the field of modelling. She also worked as an actress and moderator. Elisabeth’s performance on television attracted many people in Spain, giving her a great boost from many different angles.

Reyes now works for top modelling agencies. She shares her wisdom with young girls, so they can also become bigger and better from many different angles. Reyes is a great professional who wants everyone to earn well and live a fantastic life with full richness.

Social Media

Elisabeth Reyes has above 116k followers on Instagram. She likes to use Instagram more than any other social media network.

Elisabeth takes care of her social media accounts to promote her professional work and personal life.   

Net Worth

Elisabeth Reyes’ net worth is estimated at around $10 million. She has earned very smartly and holds a great window to make her net worth better in the near future.  


Sergio Sanchez is a professional football player from Spain. He spent his youth career at Espanyol. He never managed to play for the senior team of Spain but played for the youth levels.