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Andrew Terraciano: Personal Life, Career, Net Worth


Andrew Terraciano is an American child actor who is famous for appearing in television series. His most prominent role had been in the series Blue Bloods.

Andrew Terraciano Personal Life

Andrew Terraciano posted a photo on Instagram of a girl he went to prom with named Bernadette Russo. It not known whether they are in a relationship or not. Andrew Terraciano’s Height is 5’5″. Andrew Terraciano’s age is 17 years old, making him the youngest member of the lead cast of Blue Bloods. He likes to go on vacations with his family. He lives in France, Greece , Italy and many more places.

Andrew Terraciano Career

He appeared performed in some notable projects involving mainly television series, but his most noteworthy perfomance has been in Blue Bloods, where he worked alongside his elder brother Tony Terraciano. The two brother had been a part of the show for many years, which made them practically grow up in the sets of this show. He has also worked as a model in campaigns of several brands, and has worked in other projects like Rogue Assistant and Zsaruvér.

Andrew Terraciano has been a part of Blue Bloods, along with his brother Tony Terraciano, since the show started back in 2010. The two brothers portrayed the roles of Sean and Jack Reagan respectively, however, it reported that Tony Terraciano was to step down from working as he wanted to focus on his college education. There was no such news that had surfaced about Andrew, so it is likely that he would continue to stick around. However, there are chances that he too might follow in the same path as his brother at some point in life.

Not lot is known about Andrew Terraciano’s net worth, but it is estimated that he makes around $30,000 to $50,0000 per year.

Early Life and Childhood

Andrew Terraciano was born on 5th if February, 2003 in the United States of America. He is currently 19 years old. He did his schooling from Pelham Memorial High School, in Westchester, New York but currently, it not known if you goes to attend college classes or not.

Andrew Terraciano was born and raised in a typical American household. His father’s name is Anthony Terraciano and while his mother’s name remains unknown to us, she is extremely supportive of Andrew and his siblings. When Andrew Terraciano and siblings were much younger. their mother would find them modelling projects, something she had been doing since they were only 6 months old.

Andrew Terraciano has two siblings. He has a twin sister whose name is Molly Terraciano, while his elder brother Tony Terraciano is also an actor. Andrew is quite close to his siblings. He has a good bond with this twin sister Molly, and they often hang out together despite his busy schedule. He appears in the show Blue Bloods with this elder brother Tony Terraciano, and they both have been a part of this show for several years.

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