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Old Hollywood Dresses: Introduction

Hollywood is not only a dream of creativity and narrative. It is also a place to showcase the most beautiful elements of fashion. The 1930s was the time period when fashion started to really kick in and the clothing industry got motivated by various actors and actresses. Every piece of clothing worn by influential actors and actresses was noted down and analyzed. The relationship between fashion and Hollywood is quite interesting as generations down the road people look up to the character involvement and the relativity. Famous stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and many more definitely made style statements and are still remembered for their iconic looks. It is not that easy to recreate the charm but sure can recreate looks that are close to them.

Let us dive into the world of old Hollywood and dig some of the most iconic fashion statements of popular actresses.

Old Hollywood Dresses

Marilyn Monroe And Classic Combination: Old Hollywood Dresses

What can we say about the most gorgeous woman on earth? She is incredible and so is her style. Let us look into one of her popular shoots and her style. She wore a turtleneck sweater of the color black. Seems cozy, right? To show off her curves and feel confident in, she wore a pair of white ankle pants which not only gave a great silhouette to her bottom but also coordinated with the black sweater on top.

No funky accessories as it is a casual look but what could be the showstopper in this look is the lipstick! Rather than going for the usual pink or fancy red, try a coral lipstick with your undertone. You can even go for a subtle eyeliner and make sure to curl your hair as that would add more to your beauty and also would suggest Marilyn in your entire outfit. She sure is a beautiful woman and looked wonderful while flaunting her curves in this outfit during that time. Voila! You just recreated one of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic looks!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn

The movie is spectacular. It was so spectacular that Audrey Hepburn was remembered for her legendary ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ movie! The classic little black dress is absolutely awe-inspiring. Starting with a knee length bateau neckline black dress with an accentuation at the waist, it looked phenomenal. Pair this dress with a beige trenchcoat. It seems boring until now, right? Here’s the part where anyone can identify it is Audrey Hepburn’s look. With the dress and the trenchcoat, add a scarf of white and silk. Wrap it around your head. You can wear some white or beige ballerina shoes with a little heel. At the end, our beautiful Audrey wore a pair of black sunglasses to finish the look. The entire movie Audrey was almost not into a red lipstick or a pink lipstick.

She wore a peachy coral lipstick throughout the film. The coral shade did get fame as in Audrey’s lipstick. It sure was legendary either the movie posters or the fashion all over.

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