Margarida Corceiro Biography, Wiki, Model, Actress, Joao Felix Girlfriend

Margarida Corceiro is a famous Portuguese actress and model. Corceiro is indeed a well-known girlfriend of Joao Felix. 

What’s the date of birth of Margarida Corceiro?

Margarida Corceiro was born on October 26, 2002. 

Where did Margarida Corceiro bear? 

Margarida Corceiro hails from Lisbon, Portugal. 

What’s the ethnicity of Margarida Corceiro? 

Margarida Corceiro is a part of rich Latino roots. She follows the Christian religion. 

What is the zodiac sign of Margarida Corceiro?

Margarida Corceiro’d zodiac sign is Scorpio, which is a very complex astrological sign. 

What’s the height of Margarida Corceiro? 

Corceiro stands five feet and four inches tall? 

What’s the bodyweight of Corceiro? 

Margarida Corceiro weights around 56 kg. 

What’s the shoe and dress size of Corceiro? 

Margarida Corceiro’s shoe size is 5 (US), and the dress size is 4 (US). 

What’s the eye and hair colour of Corceiro? 

Margarida Corceiro’s hair colour is blonde and eye colour is hazel. 

Does Corceiro have put tattoos?

Corceiro has put multiple tattoos on her body. She likes making tattoos but is not too obsessed with it. 

Where did Corceiro spend her childhood?

Corceiro spent most of her childhood in Lisbon, which is the capital of Portugal. 

Where did Corceiro take schooling? 

Corceiro did her schooling from David Anderson Junior/Senior High School. She never liked the academics as much as he loved modelling and acting. She never participated in sporting activity either.  

When did Corceiro meet Joao Felix?

Corceiro with boyfriend Joao Felix

With the help of social media, Joao Felix met Corceiro. They got to know about each other well. It helped Felix and Corceiro to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Margarida Corceiro does live in Lisbon, while Joao Felix works in Madrid. They do give each other decent time but do also care about their professional careers. Corceiro and Felix express their love on social media. They do share many of their golden times. It shows the love they have for each other.

What does Corceiro do professionally? 

Corceiro started to work as a model from a very young age. She works as a professional model. Corceiro has also worked as an actress. She made her acting debut in 2019 for a series named Prisioneira. Margarida has started her career very well. Many people know about her in Portugal. Her profile is indeed growing very well in Portugal and other parts of the world. 

Does Corceiro have a social media account? 

Corceiro does have social media accounts. She has more than 858K followers on Instagram and above 07K followers on Twitter. Corceiro is a huge social media personality. She indeed uses her social media account to promote herself very well. Many of her captivating pictures generate huge hits on Instagram.

What’s the net worth of Corceiro?

The net worth of Corceiro is decent – but it is not in millions at the moment. Her boyfriend is too rich. Therefore, she does not have to worry about finances too much. 

Does Corceiro adopt a pat?

Corceiro is a huge animal lover. She does have adopted a dog. Mostly, one can see her sharing a picture with her dog. It shows the love for an animal she has? 

Is Corceiro Vegan? 

No, Corceiro is a non-vegetarian. She loves indeed different kinds of dishes.