For people who seek enormous downloads, such as Quranic courses, films, video tracks, apps, games, and others, this article will address some very valuable content. Everyone these days wants their videos and movies downloaded as soon as possible. Users are therefore searching for the most fantastic FTP Server that is fully working.

What do you think of Ftp Server and its advantages?  You must therefore continuously check the internet for updates to the data. There aren’t many open-source supplier websites online. Websites offering games, software, movies and other items are plentiful, but it’s worth noting that most of them come with fees.

Additionally, many websites pollute digital data with malware. If you already use a Ftp server, you should be aware of its advantages. On the other hand, a third party or internet service provider is in charge of the FTP server. is essentially an IP address or internet protocol.

You will establish a server connection using these numbers. Whereas this website provides a range of download options for media like games, applications, and movies.

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

On a computer network, the File send Protocol is a common communication protocol used to send files from a server to a client. With distinct command and data interfaces between the client and the server, FTP is designed utilizing a client-server model architecture.

What Exactly Is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server at

FTP Server is essentially a computer software. Additionally, this PC-based tool uses the File Transfer Protocol to store and transfer files with other PCs. Instead, there is a method for unidentified remote in-time machines to connect. Data can be downloaded from a server that employs a Ftp Server, a piece of software. However, provides you with the fastest internet download speed possible.

Benefits of FTP Server

  • FTP servers have the benefit of enabling the transfer of numerous files and directories.
  • The capability to continue a transfer in the event of a connection loss
  • The capability of adding things to an upload/download “queue”
  • A lot of FTP clients allow you to schedule transfers.
  • No single transfer size restriction (browsers only support 2 GB)
  • Many clients feature command-line scripting capabilities.
  • The majority of clients have a synchronization tool.
  • Quicker transfers compared to HTTP.
  • Data organization and transfer are made possible by many FTP applications.
  • Virtually every client includes some form of synchronization feature., Can anybody use it?

The only people who have access to it are ICC Broadband users.  The International Cricket Council uses its FTP site extensively to transfer files with its staff members and business associates. It is important to have the login information issued by the ICC and utilize an FTP client in order to access the ICC FTP server.

Additionally, there is a widespread belief among internet users that anyone might find this FTP download. This is regrettably not possible. The issue is that only ICC broadband subscribers can access On the other hand, can be used to access that website and download files if you have ICC internet service.

What is ICC FTP stand for?

The FTP server, enabled with the FTP protocol, connects the International Cricket Council (ICC) to staff and business associates, serving as a file-sharing system. It’s an ICC FTP server specifically designed for transferring files over the Internet.

Where can I find ICC FTP server

The ICC FTP site requires login information from the ICC. With those credentials, you can connect to the server’s IP address with an FTP-supporting program. The ICC’s private IP address is reserved for authorized users only.


These are some of the IPs with the ICC service’s most popular directories.

  • Address Wrong ICC FTP IP:
  • Address Correct ICC FTP IP:

How to utilize the IP address for the ICC FTP server

You have successfully accessed the ICC FTP server. Undertaking tasks can be quite the endeavor, but the following options are worth considering. Have a glance:

To put files from your computer onto the ICC FTP server click on “Upload” in your FTP client. From there you’ll be able to choose what file to put onto the server, and start the upload process by clicking “Open”.

Download files from the ICC’s FTP server to your computer by selecting “Download” in your FTP client. All you need to do is choose a location for it on your computer and then confirm it by clicking “OK”.

Make documents and folders:  By selecting “Create File” or “Create Folder” from the context menu of your FTP client, you can create files and folders on the ICC server, which has the IP address To create a file or folder on the server, input the name and hit “OK.” Clicking “Rename” from the context menu that pops up when you right-click on a file or folder will let you change it. Similar to before, enter the new name and then hit “OK” to save it. If you want to remove a file or folder, click “Delete.”

How can the ICC FTP server’s security be maintained?
  • Safeguard login information: Make that the ICC FTP server login information is safe and not distributed to outside parties. It is advised to routinely change passwords.
  • Use secure passwords: The ICC FTP server requires passwords that are distinct, challenging, and difficult to decipher. Combinations of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols are advised.
  • Use current antivirus software: All users connecting to the ICC FTP server must have current antivirus software installed on their devices in order to detect and prevent viruses and malware.
  • Implement two-factor authentication. It is encouraged to use additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication, to reduce the risk of security breaches.
  • Limit user permissions: It’s crucial to restrict access to only those who require it in order to use the ICC FTP server. This lessens the possibility of the server being modified maliciously or accidentally.

You can safeguard the ICC FTP server from potential security risks and guarantee that any files exchanged over the server are secure by adhering to these security precautions.


This post has shed light on the useful resources accessible to anyone looking for huge files, ranging from Quranic courses to movies, apps, and games. The need for quick downloads is greater than ever in our fast-paced digital world, and FTP servers are essential to supplying this requirement. They gain from quick file transfers, dependable connections, and speed. It’s crucial to remember that is only available to ICC Broadband subscribers, which restricts public access.

By Deepak