How to Utilize College in Your Social Media Content

Photo posts on Facebook have an incredible 53% more likes and 104% more comments than text posts, according to Hubspot. If you’re still not convinced about photos and videos, check out your next Google search. It’s bound to show you its top results as videos and images. People want images which is great news for anyone trying to grow their online presence. That’s because it’s so straightforward to use a collage maker online like Promo. Moreover, they have an amazing free platform for you to try out.

Planning before using your Collage Maker Online

Before you make a photo collage, it’s useful to first have a bit of a plan rather than just dive into your project. This will help you get the right images and you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals.

  • Know your Audience and Purpose
  • What’s your Call To Action?
  • Develop a story
  • Enhance with features and effects

Know your Audience and Purpose

One of your first questions could be: are you making a photo collage for your friends or for social media ads? You might be more relaxed when using your collage maker online if it’s just to have some creative fun for your friends. On the other hand, editing photo collages for ads involves a bit more planning.

In that case, what demographics does your ideal follower or potential customer have? Moreover, what social media platform do they prefer? So, do you need to target Facebook or Instagram, or one of the other channels with your beautiful photo collages? You’ll also want to optimize your collages so that people can easily find your images on the web. After all, creating ads for social media is about pulling people to your channel and website.

Utilize College

What’s your Call To Action?

People are more likely to remember your photo collage if there’s a clear message and action step for them. For instance, do you want them to sign up for your channel or newsletter? Perhaps you’re trying to direct them to your website? Whatever it is, make them want to come to you.

Develop a Story

Stories are powerful ways to connect to people on a deeper emotional level. Furthermore, images portray stories and emotions very effectively. Essentially, most people remember images more easily than text although sometimes, it’s also valuable to combine both. Don’t forget that you can also easily add text with your collage maker online if that’s what you feel you need to enhance your message.

Enhance with Features and Effects

Even a free online collage maker has some fun features and basic editing effects for you to use thanks to its photo editor options. You’ll first start with choosing from one of the many collage templates though, usually with a grid layout. Once you’ve chosen, you then drag and drop your photos into the grid so that you can edit the overall output. After that, it’s simple to customize and add a sticker, a filter, or fun fonts as well as alter the background and colors if you wish.

Using your Collage Maker Online for Social Media

Now that you know who you’re targeting with your collage maker, how can you best use it? Let’s have a look at some ways you can create your photo collage post:

  • Teach, share and promote 
  • Event hype and Engage with your community
  • Be proud of your values and culture
  • Boast your contest winners
  • Stand out with unique images

Teach, Share and Promote

Photo collages are particularly useful because you can put together several images with your collage maker. Whilst that might sound obvious, it can be great for showing various angles of a new product, for example. Another approach is to arrange your images into your layouts such that they follow the key steps for people to follow for using your product. Not only can this help you promote what you offer but it’s also a simple way to engage with your followers.

Event Hype and Engage with your community

Perhaps you provide a service or you organize many events? So, rather than just showing ads with your collage maker, you can create fun photo collages that promote and build hype around your events. Whether they’re online or offline, people love getting together and it’s the perfect way to connect and bond. 

Values and Culture

No one wants to see a pushy sales pitch in a post. On the contrary, people want to feel that they belong to communities and that they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves. You can therefore make them feel connected and part of something special thanks to your photo collage maker. Through those images, you can showcase what you stand for as well as who you are.

Boast your Contest Winners

Another powerful way to engage with your community is to organize competitions. People love winning things and you can create a whole story around your contests. Then, it’s simple to upload a photo collage that shows the winners and what they actually won. The best part is that those people are highly likely to share your post.

Stand Out

With so many images on the web these days, you want to make sure that anything you’re creating with your collage maker actually grabs attention. That’s why you should leverage the editing function and include bright colors, graphics, and any other effects. Although, it’s also important to have eye-catching images. Perhaps you can do some unique close-ups, add crazy patterns into your background, or include some humorous animal takes, for example?

Utilize College

Parting Words on Using a Collage Maker Online

Social media is an incredible platform to get your brand and name out there. Then again, you need to do a bit of planning first to make sure that you have a targeted approach. No one wants to get lost in the crowds. Although, that’s why you leverage your collage maker to make your unique images stand out and look even more amazing. Then, make sure your story and call to action are clear and you’ll easily meet your goals of growing your online presence.

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