How To Hide The Emperor’s Child

This is the story of the Kingdom, where Prince Kaizen was married to Astelle Von Lestern, daughter of Duke Lestern. Immediately following the day of Kaizen and Astelle’s wedding, Kaizen’s father passed away and all the people of the state started considering the marriage of both as inauspicious.

Kaizen decided to give divorce to Astelle; he said this marriage was the wish of his father, and now that he is no more, he doesn’t want to stay with her. This is very heartbreaking for Astelle because she had been preparing for this marriage for the last 10 years, and now she is getting divorced. She accepted this situation and decided to move on with the situation.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child In the first few chapters, Astelle is trying to hide the secret from the Emperor that she is pregnant. She moved to another city and gave birth to a child, who is known as Theor. The royal families are distinguished by their red eyes and black hair. That’s why Astelle gave the drops twice to Theor to change his eye color to blue. She asks her grandfather to come up with a disease to speed up his journey.

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Kaizen desired to eradicate the corrupted ruling class from his kingdom and this situation started a rebellion in his kingdom. Astelle is aware of this situation, and she knows rebellions can use this opportunity against Kaizen. So she hides Theor from other people. Once she unexpectedly met Kaizen in the forest with Theor, and she introduced Theor as her nephew.

The grand empress Dowager’s Will.

Kaizen lost his grandmother, who raised him after the death of her mother in his childhood. Kaizen’s grandmother was the heiress to the southern region’s Duchy of Meilen. In her will, she wrote that after her death, Kaizen would be the Emperor of the Southern Region, but there is one condition: he must get the approval of Empress Astelle before doing anything in the Southern Region.

Kaizen called Astelle, but why? How to Hide the Emperors Child

Due to the will of her grandmother, Kaizen asked Astelle to give the southern region’s Duchy of Meilen to the royal family, and he will give a mansion and manor in his capital. Astelle agreed to hand over the southern Duchy but on her terms. How to Hide the Emperors Child First , she wanted a pension for his grandfather instead of land. Second, after all of this, she wants to go to the east side of the country with her family. Astelle and Theor are now residing in Kaizen’s home while this issue is being resolved.

Who was Spying on Astelle And Theor?

Astelle is very conscious of her secret every time. She keeps a check on everything, and she finds that someone is spying on her, and she observes that someone entered her room and checked the boxes and drawers. She was very curious to know who was doing this. She enlisted the help of Sir Lyndon to investigate.

While waiting for the culprit, she placed Lagenin juice in a box. She is aware that she is taken care of by three maids, one of whom is spying on her. She called each of the three and examined their hands, noticing that one of them had rashes on their hands from touching the Lagenin juice bottle. She tracked down the actual criminal who was responsible. A maid’s hand was racked with sores. The maid claimed that Marian had instructed her to act.

Theor is Kidnapped

On the day of prom, Theor was playing with a dog, and one maid was taking care of him. Astelle is getting ready for prom with her childhood friend. After some time, maids came to Astelle and said Theor disappeared.

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At that time Kaizen came with Theor, and he told them that he was playing with Blin, his dog when the maid disappeared, and one unknown maid came and tried to kidnap him, but his dog saved him from the kidnapper. Both ran away. He had no idea where he was going, but he followed his dog.

Kaizen immediately shifted them to a safe place and started an investigation. They called all the maids and Theor identified the kidnapper. She admitted during questioning that she had broken the pottery in order to put a frame there for this. But the reality was different. Marian handled it.

After this incident, Astelle was planning to ask Kaizen to send them to their home at the time of prom. She asked Kaizen about this while dancing, but he denied it and said it was not the right time to travel.

Kaizen Falls in Love With Astelle Again

After the prom, Kaizen came to Astelle and wanted to talk with her. He wants to explain why he is not allowing her to go. He explained that he doesn’t want her to leave her alone again; he said that after their divorce he suffered a lot and if they left then he would not be able to see them again.

Duke of Reston the Rebellion

Astelle’s father, the Duke of Reston, was organizing a coup. The Duke of Siette worked as a spy. He was only brought in to give the emperor, Kaizen, false information. Astelle’s father was essentially setting up a trap for Kaizen by giving him false information.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child An assault on Kaizen

One day Kaizen went to the forest for hunting, and Theor, Astelle, and her grandfather went for a picnic. Theor was with his father, and Astelle was searching for medicine in the forest. After some time, it started raining and Astelle lost her way, but eventually, she found Kaizen. She told Kaizen that she had lost Theor and her grandfather and Kaizen sent all soldiers to find them.

They were alone in the forest when, after some time, a group of people with swords suddenly charged at them. Kaizen confronted them with a sword. He was hurt in that battle. That group of killers was sent by Astelle’s father.

Astelle started Educational Institute

During this, Astelle introduced one more condition before handing over the southern region to the royal family. She wants to convert Basentin Mansion, where the empress Dowager was born and raised, into an educational institute for needy people. Kaizen gives permission for this noble work.

Climax – Theor got Sick

One day Theor and Astelle went to the market, and Theor ate a sandwich in which Lintail was used and while watching a show, he fainted and got a high fever. Astelle later discovered that Theor was also allergic to Lintail.

Astelle got scared due to this situation, thinking that if anyone knew then the secret of Theor would be revealed. But she was able to manage the situation.

Theor is Astelle’s child, as Kaizen was aware of

Kaizen noticed that Astelle was so scared when Theor was ill and he remembered that Astelle was also allergic to Lintail. He got to know that Theor is Astelle’s child.

Astelle understands that Kaizen is aware of Theor, and she went to Kaizen to tell him the truth, that Theor is his son. Astelle explains that Theor was an unregistered child and is not her nephew, so Kaizen is free to punish her for keeping a successor to the throne a secret. Theor will succeed to the title of prince in the traitor family’s lineage, and Astelle intends to serve as empress for a few years before taking a sabbatical.

If she had the key to the shackle’s release, she would be able to reside in the Emperor’s palace daily. Kaizen crumbles under the effect of her disapproving attitude, but he is adamant about continuing to fight for Theor.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Summary Of The Whole Story

The long-awaited marriage of Astelle came to an end in a single day, and when she rose to the position of empress, she lied to the man who had once been her husband. She has been trying to marry Kaizen since she was eleven years old, but all that is left for her is the title of empress. The nobility had abandoned her, and the man she loved, Kaizen, wanted her to leave.

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