View Sync

Do you want to explore the effective usage of view Want to find out everything regarding this alternative? If yes, then go through this guide thoroughly and understand complete details about this alternative. 

In general, ViewSync is the most effective and simple tool that lets you play two or more videos simultaneously. For that, you must have the URL of the particular video that you need to watch at once. 

YouTube videos are effectively supported to use in this tool. There is also a wide range of alternatives available that can give you the same effect that this tool gives. When you cannot access it properly, then you can go with the alternatives. 

How to use the tool?

If you don’t have any idea how to use it also its alternatives, then take a look at it below. The below steps can let you find the process using this tool to play YouTube videos side by side:

  • At first, you must visit the official site 
  • Then you have click ‘+’ in the ‘Add Video’ option
  • After that, you have to copy the URL of the YouTube videos that you need to watch at once
  • Then paste the URL of the YouTube videos that you need to watch at once
  • You can also mention the quality of the videos that you need to watch. 
  • Then you have to click the ‘Test Audio’ option to see whether these two videos can play better
  • Now you need to click the ‘View Sync’ option to generate another new URL to play both these YouTube videos simultaneously
  • After that, you can open the new tab on your web browser
  • Then paste the newly generated URL out there and press enter
  • Finally, the selected YouTube videos that you need to watch at once will be played
  • There will be a play button, and by clicking that, you can start playing your preferred videos. 

What is the alternative?

Now, the alternative tools are also similar to the View Sync tool. You can browse online and find the best alternative for that.


From the scenario mentioned above, you have explored the effective usage of the alternative. Now you can start watching multiple videos on the same screen. There won’t be any technical issues you will find while using this tool. 

By adarsh