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Everything You Need To Know About Harpal Singh Sokhi


Harpal Singh Sokhi is an Indian celebrity chef. Harpal worked as a chef for several hotel & restaurant chains before launching his own, The Funjabi Tadka, in 2013. Sokhi is the host of the cooking show ‘Turban Tadka’.

Harpal Singh Sokhi Early Life

Harpal Singh Sokhi grew up in West Bengal, where his father worked for Indian Railways. Singh finished ‘South Eastern Railway High School’. Sokhi has two sisters and a brother. His mother’s cooking inspired Sokhi to pursue a career as a chef. Because his father traveled frequently, Harpal had the opportunity to sample various Indian cuisines. Harpal’s brother was also engaged in the preparation of langar food in a gurdwara. Harpal is fluent in six languages- Hindi, English, Telugu, Punjabi, Oriya and Bengali.

Harpal Singh Sokhi Career

Sokhi graduated from IHM Bhubaneswar with a diploma in catering in 1987. Harpal began working for ‘The Oberoi’ in Bhubaneswar as a trainee cook. Harpal became an ‘Executive Chef’ at the age of 27. Sokhi spent a long time studying various international cuisines. Ustad Habib Pasha as well as Begum Mumtaz Khan taught him Hyderabadi cooking. Harpal Sokhi also conducted research on Ayurvedic based foods to determine how cooking can keep improving the nutritional value of the food. Sokhi has taught cooking classes at the ‘Regent Jakarta’ and ‘The Peninsula Manila’. Harpal has also organized Indian food festivals on a global scale. Sokhi and others established ‘Khana Khazana India Pvt Ltd’ in 2001. Singh Sokhi oversaw food trials, created ready to eat products for the ‘Khazana’ brand, and designed a line of desi mithais. Harpal has also worked on the ‘Ching’s Secret brand’.

For seven years, Sokhi was in charge of Singapore Airlines’ business class menus, as well as Indian Airlines’ “Ancient Indian Food” promotion. Harpal has also created menus for SOTC trips. Sokhi has served as a visiting professor at the ‘N. L. Dalmia Institute’. Harpal has also created menus for a variety of events, such as weddings as well as birthday parties. Sokhi agreed to host the very first episode of ‘Khana Khazana’ on Zee TV in 1993. Harpal ki Rasoi, his first solo show, premiered on Nagpur’s Siti Cable TV, but it was not as impactful as Sokhi had hoped. Later, Sokhi began hosting ‘Turban Tadka’ on ‘Food Food channel’, which helped him gain popularity in India. Harpal Sokhi is well-known for his catchphrase ‘Namak Shamak,’ as well as the song he starts singing while cooking his food. TRPs ranked as one of the best cooking shows. Sokhi became well-known for his catchphrase.

Harpal Singh Sokhi Family

Sokhi and his wife Aparna live in Mumbai. Anushka and Antra are the couple’s two daughters.

Harpal Singh Sokhi


  • Harpal Singh Sokhi had a friend who was studying Hotel Management in Siliguri. It greatly inspired him, and he later enrolled in an Institute of Hotel Management in Bhubaneswar.
  • Harpal’s mother and father were his main sources of inspiration for becoming a celebrity chef.
  • Harpal Singh Sokhi is known as ‘The Energy Chef of India’ because of his upbeat personality and boundless energy.

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