How to Play Fortnite on Android and iOS

Fortnite is a unique and among the top-rated battle royale game. Fortnite’s battle royale mode is slightly different from other games, but there’s no lack of entertainment in it. Indeed, several factors make a game popular, and the same thing goes with Fortnite too. Fortnite is not popular just for its battle ground mobile India, and there are skins and unique challenges that play a major role in the game.

Choosing a Shooting Mode

As with many other shooting games, Fortnite will offer you different shooting modes before starting the game for the first time. When it comes to shooting style, Fortnite offers you two options: Fire the weapon using on-screen buttons or tap on any free open space. The catch here is, there is an auto-firing mode. On enabling auto-fire, your character’s gun will start shooting anytime an enemy character is within range.

If you want to try this amazing mode, tap on the menu icon located in the Fortnite’s home screen. Then choose the HUD Layout Tool option. Now, tap on the arrow in the top right corner, and select Change Fire Mode. A list of options will appear, from which you can select Auto Fire.

Change the Button Layout

Fortnite allows its mobile users to move all their in-game shooting, building, and moving buttons around the screen. To use this feature, tap on the menu icon located on Fortnite’s home screen. Then select HUD Layout Tool. The next screen will show your current game layout. You can tap and drag each item wherever you wish to. When you have laid out all the buttons according to your will, tap on the arrow in the top right corner to save the changes and exit. This customization option is highly useful if you find yourself reaching too far to get your character to jump or shoot. By relocating these buttons, your hands will work speedily with more ease.

Turn off Auto Pick up of Weapons

It is highly annoying when your character picks up almost every item it walks over, with you having nothing to do with it. This eventually adds a lot of weak gray guns to your inventory instead of powerful and useful ones. This is why it is a good idea to turn off auto pick up of weapons. To do so, tap on the menu icon located on the game’s home screen, then select the settings icon. A list of options will appear, scroll down to the bottom of this list to find the option to toggle off Auto Pick up Weapons.

Collect a Variety of Weapons

Fortnite players should collect as many weapons as possible that can be used in different situations to stay alive till the end (Hey, you won the game!). Although you enter the game with merely a pistol,  your weapon inventory must get filled with at least a shotgun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and maybe a grenade as the game goes ahead.

Knock Down Enemy Structures

The key to winning Fortnite mobile is to destroy your opponent’s hard work. Your opponent may have already beaten you down with the trick. But that is how it works. Specifically in Fortnite, you can knock down enemies’ huge structures to put them to death. A smart strategy would be to equip an automatic rifle and aim at the bottom of an enemy’s structure. Yes, you will use up a good number of your bullets in doing so. But you will potentially knock down the entire enemy building. The key here is to be as quick as possible, as you don’t want the enemy to figure out what you are doing and plan something that might backfire your strategy.

Once you get the hang of the game using these tips and tricks, you will surely take home Victory Royales in no time. Happy gaming!

Cross-Factions: The Best Thing Ever Happened to WoW

The only sacred thing that characterizes WoW is the battle between two old bitter enemies. It was from the very beginning of the game, but in 2022 everything will change because although we will not see a complete reconciliation, we will be able to feel some thaw in relations with our enemies, whether they are representatives of the Alliance or the Horde. 

The game needed some kind of revival, as the number of gamers playing began to drop noticeably in recent years. Players have struggled for years to finally be able to play with their friends without changing their race. While this was not possible, many stopped playing. However, now the game will sparkle with new colors, which should arouse genuine interest among both experienced players and new ones. 

As the name suggests, war is an integral part of the game. Among such a huge variety of races, it is difficult to imagine a peaceful and calm existence. Each character belongs to one of two factions. This happens for several reasons: someone wants to survive in this cruel world, and someone wants to take part in achieving a common goal. Thus, the two sides have developed certain characteristics. In the first faction, the Alliance, concepts such as faith and social cohesion have power. While representatives of the other side, the Horde, value brute strength, valor, and the ability to adapt to any circumstances to survive. 

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When the orcs attacked the humans, neither side was left with a chance but to form factions. Orcs rallied with other races who felt oppressed by humans, and humans, in turn, rallied with other races that were ever attacked by orcs. Thus, this enmity never subsided. Only sometimes there was a lull in their relationship when they had to join forces against an even greater evil that threatened to destroy all life. 

Expansions and relationships between factions 

Except for those expansions in which the factions united for a short period, then all other expansions are built precisely on the never-ending confrontation. In this regard, players belonging to two different parties see different content and tasks in the game. As a member of one of the parties, you see only those tasks that will help your faction and allow you to improve your character, which will be able to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy. 

However, over time, we were able to see how things were going to this point, that is, the possibility of the existence of cross-factions. At times, the content seemed illogical to many, but now everything is falling into place. In Battle for Azeroth, we could see how a faction, made up of orcs and other anti-human races, was able to get rid of the evil leader. Now, this faction is led by a council consisting of leaders of different races, like the Alliance. 

The pain will never subside and it will take a long time for wounds to heal, but there is hope that the bloody war will come to an end. 

How will this change affect the game? 

A huge number of players were delighted because they had been waiting for this for many years. However, along with this, many questions have arisen regarding how this will affect the game. At the moment, only a few details are known and we will only be able to find out about everything when the expansion is available to all players. 

Now we can only rely on the known. It is known how the search for teammates will take place. If earlier, when automatically assembling a team or during a manual search, it was possible to select only those who belong to the same side as you, now you can, during a manual search, search not only for representatives of your faction but also for your so-called enemies. As a result, the number of applicants is increasing exponentially. However, as far as automatic search is concerned, everything will remain unchanged here. At first, you can only team up with representatives of your faction. 

The upside is that now you can quickly find worthy players who can go on an adventure with you and do raids, dungeons, and other tasks with you. As we know, dungeons, especially with the increased level of difficulty, are especially challenging. Only a few can complete them flawlessly. In this case, everyone can use the Mythic Plus Carry to make their task easier. At the same time, you will receive not only partial or full completion, but also a rare gear, an exclusive mount, achievements, and other rewards. 

The changes will affect not only the currently available content but also the legacy one. Do not think that now you will have to interact exclusively with another faction. This will happen only if you want it. If you do not want to accept participants from the other side, then this will be your right. 

That is why you should not assume that the war will stop completely. It will remain because this is the sacred concept of the game, but for those who are tired of fighting, there will be an opportunity to team up with other players to achieve great success. 

Also, not all content will change. Missions specific to factions in which the other side cannot take part will remain as such. You will still need to complete them and improve your character to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy at the right time. 


It may seem that the dissatisfaction of a large number of fans of the game caused this change. This is true to some extent, but at the same time, it means that WoW will change a lot and this change will bring fans many exciting and positive moments. 

Top 10 Real Money Casino Picks for Thai Players

Thailand is a well-known travel destination around the world and it’s a stunning place to be in where plenty of surprises await you. However, this is not the case when discussing internet gambling, which is a contentious matter. Joining the ranks of other Asian countries, the land of smiles has imposed a ban on most forms of gambling. Regardless, that does not mean that you won’t find online casinos at all.


With its international success, this online casino has set the benchmark for other online casino sites that want to follow suit. Table games, live casino lobbies for poker, blackjack, and other selections such as hundreds of different slot machines from popular game developers such as CQ9 can be found here.

A hefty welcome bonus and ongoing promotions are to be expected at a well-known casino like this one. At Solarbet, it’s hard to picture anyone having a bad time.


The casino part of 1xBet is well-developed and includes a huge selection of distinctive casino games. Slots, table games, jackpots, and live dealer games are just a few examples. As a bonus, these gambling games are produced by several of the industry’s greatest developers. As a result, they can load quickly.

1xBet’s attractive odds, a wide variety of markets, and significant sign-up bonuses for new players make it a strong contender in this category.

Established in 2013 as part of one of the world’s largest casino organizations, offers a wide variety of slot games that can be played on any internet-capable device. This user-friendly website has everything you need, from a secure and safe gaming environment to a vast selection of games from the greatest software developers like Evolution Gaming.

If you want to play your favorite slot machines whenever you want, anywhere you want, seven days a week, you can at Casino.

Cafe Casino

Thanks to reputable casino game developers such as Rival Gaming, Betsoft, and RTG software, Cafe Casino offers more than 280 different casino games. From a First Nations reserve near Quebec City, the website is allowed to operate, as per the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.


You can wager on everything from horse racing to sports to poker to live dealer gaming at BetOnline. Gambling company BetOnline is based in Panama and approved by the Panamanian government. A wide variety of gaming options are available at BetOnline, however, the most popular casino software is provided by BetSoft.

Additionally, playing at BetOnline is advantageous because the casino is well-versed in the needs of online gamblers.


About two decades ago, Bovada was involved in the offshore internet gambling market. They’re among the only internet bookmakers that accept both Thai and US players and offer a full range of betting options. Their sportsbook and casino are powered by Real-Time Gaming, having the same caliber as the more known bookies like tbsbet.

Wild Casino

Wild Casino is among the newest arrivals in the online casino market. Wild Casino was launched in 2017 and regulated by the Panama Gaming Authority. For a brand-new website, Wild Casino’s backers appear to have extensive experience in the online gambling industry. A veteran of the online gambling sector boasts to have around 26 years of expertise.

7Bit Casino

7BitCasino has been one of the finest retro-themed online casinos around. It is run by a Curacao-based firm called Direx N.V., which is known for being among the many top-rated online casinos in Thailand. 7BitCasino is a convenient and accessible online casino that is compatible with a wide variety of platforms and devices.


Ignition Casino is the greatest place to find the top online casinos most notably known for its massive selection of poker games. The site’s huge assortment of high-quality games, lightning-fast payments, and generous sign-up bonuses are all excellent.

Customer service is top-notch, with options for contacting them via phone, email, and live chat. It has been proven that Ignition is always looking for new ways to improve its website.


Online gaming has been dominated by Betway Casino since 2006. One of the most well-known online casinos in Thailand, Betway accepts players from all around the world with a robust collection of over 400 engaging casino games.

The games at Betway Casino are accessible to gamers of all budgets and bankrolls and offer a wide variety of betting opportunities. The customer service at Betway Casino is also top-notch; their players are at the center of everything they do.

Amazing tourist spots to explore in Coorg

Coorg is known as the Scotland of India because of its natural prettiness. It is one of the best areas to take a trip in South India. Coorg is worth visiting because of its huge coffee farms, appealing peaks, beautiful green lowlands, and everlasting forests.

Its appeal is boosted by the fact that it is a year-round resort with pleasant weather and fascinating terrain. With excellent attractions and a challenging landscape, this gorgeous location in Karnataka has maintained its old-world elegance.

Are you extremely busy? Don’t be concerned! In just two days, you can visit all of Coorg’s top tourist destinations. That’s true, you understood that correctly.


If you travel Coorg and do not see Abbey Falls, you are missing out on one of the region’s most popular attractions. Abbe Falls, also known as Abbey Falls, is a spectacular waterfall in Coorg that flows down a waterfall at a height of 70 feet. This magnificent waterfall is encircled by rich forest, bringing you nearer to nature and providing a breathtaking spectacle. Abbey Falls takes on a new dimension during the monsoon season. The stream thickens and becomes extremely loud, which is satisfying to the ear. After exploring all these, you might know the benefits of reserving a room at The Tamara Coorg for a peaceful night.


Madikeri Fort in Coorg, placed atop Stuart Hill, epitomizes the region’s grandeur and traditions. This ancient landmark is most likely what you should encounter in Coorg. The two-story heritage residence was established by Kodagu’s former monarch and has undergone various renovations. You’ll notice 2 life-size elephant sculptures as you walk through the big entrance gates, which are really gorgeous. On the property, there is also a tortoise statue, a gallery, and a cathedral.

  1. Talakaveri in Coorg

Talakaveri, located nearby Coorg at an elevation of 1276 meters above the sea surface, is a must-see on a two-day journey to Coorg. A tiny temple at this place welcomes many visitors. You could also visit the tirtha klondike, commonly known as the Brahma klondike, which is a little waterfall. Do you want to learn something new regarding it?

Takakaveri is claimed to have emerged from this stream. This spring appears to stream beneath and appear after a small distance. A large tank has been constructed just next to the temple for travelers to bathe and pray daily. Furthermore, it is thought that on Sankramana day during October, one can notice unexpected bubbles appearing in the fountain, which is a representation of Goddess Cauvery’s presence.

  1. Raja’s Seat

Do you want to know what it’s like to live like a royal? So, make your way to Raja’s Seat. It is one of the top spots to see in 2 days in Coorg. It is reported that the Kodava kings used to spend their vacation time here. It’s located on a hilltop with a lovely garden filled of brilliant blooming flowers. Whenever you see the sunsets from here, you’ll understand why it’s one of the must-see spots in Coorg. It’s absolutely fascinating.

  1. Dubare Elephant Camp

Explore Dubare Elephant Camp nearby Coorg if you enjoy charming and beautiful elephants. This eco-tourism destination in Coorg, a collaboration between the Karnataka Forest Ministry and Jungle Lodges & Resorts, is ideal for learning more about elephant habitat, biology, and heritage. But wait, there’s more! You could also get up close and personal with these terrifying animals. Engage in activities such as riding, as well as feeding and washing them.

  1. Omkareshwar Temple

It is one of Madikeri’s most gorgeous temples devoted to Lord Shiva. Omkareshwar Temple, built-in 1820, is a beautiful example of Muhammadan construction. Whenever it relates to architecture, just glancing at it will leave you speechless. It is an enormous construction with a dome in the center and four towers on all four corners. A gorgeous lingam, as well as a water tank, can be found immediately outside the temple entrance. Numerous fish can be seen in the water tank. Omkareshwar temple, one of the most popular destinations to see in Coorg in two days, attracts a large number of visitors each year. This temple’s decorations are one-of-a-kind, allowing you to explore mythology in a genuine and calm environment.

  1. Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park, one of India’s top wildlife sanctuaries, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and those seeking peace. It is one of the major attractions nearby Coorg and is situated in Mysore. This nature reserve is home to a diverse range of species, plants and animals, and natural magnificence. It’s a picture-perfect setting, with gushing waterfalls, small valleys, and moderate hills. This park’s purely natural magnificence is the centerpiece, allowing you to interact with the environment. Panthers, Gaurs, Tigers, Sambars, Spotted Deers, Elephants, Jackals, Mongoose, Civet cats, Sloth Bears, Hyenas, and over 250 types of birds can all be seen.

  1. Brahmagiri Hills

It is preferable to establish a relationship with nature in order to appreciate its beauty. It’s all about it when you go to Brahmagiri Hills. It is a beautiful mountainous region that rises to 1608 meters above the sea surface. This well-known hill near Coorg is perfect for outdoor activities and hiking. Hiking to this mountain will provide you with a delight of tropical gardens and various plants and wildlife. It is among the best trekking spots around Coorg. You may enjoy the captivating view of the neighboring beauties, which include deep green woodlands, mist-clad hills, water cascades, floral areas, and grassland after you achieve the summit. Several magical caves can be found in the Brahmagiri Hills, and it is said that these caves have historical significance.

  1. Chikli Hole Dam

For a two-day Coorg excursion, Chikli Hole Dam is a must-see site. You can take in the scenery and enjoy some time alone with the environment. It is the only site in Coorg where you could get a great view while staying away from the crowds. There is no question that it is an ideal location for nature enthusiasts. Then, for testing purposes, you should know the reasons for booking a room at The Tamara Coorg.

As a result, we have discovered that there is no shortage of excellent sites to explore in Coorg. These are the must-see attractions in Coorg if you’re going on a short journey with your family, friends, significant other, or even alone. The natural splendor of this South Indian location is unrivaled. For more places you can visit:

A Sheep Fight: Game Is About To Begin

In today’s society, entertainment acts as a source of happiness. For people to relax, they want to be able to savour a few minutes of enjoyment. From the beginning of civilization, people have been documented to participate in a variety of activities to keep themselves entertained. Hobbies like dancing, singing, and playing games may provide a variety of entertainment options for people. People who used to participate in outdoor activities. Cricket, football, and ice hockey have become more prevalent in our nation. The audience was excited to play together and spend time with their friends and family. Participating in games improves one’s physical and emotional well-being. Sports and video games, in particular, have a great deal of potential in today’s world. Nowadays, people may make a lot of money by playing video games. It’s not uncommon for video game developers to earn a livelihood. Young people, in particular those under the age of 25, are huge fans of video games. When there isn’t enough time or room to go outside and play, people prefer to stay inside and play games.

Internet gaming is growing more and more popular among teenagers. There are currently a plethora of different kinds of online games that may be played over the internet. Online games may be played by anybody with an internet connection. Some games have the feel of a racing game, while others are more like an action thriller or a logic game. People all across the globe, but especially in the United States, like playing online games, which are now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Gaming technology has advanced significantly over the years. The game’s visuals have been improved, and players will now feel more invested in the experience. A virtual world may now be entered by anybody with access to the internet and a gaming console. In order to give players a virtual reality gaming experience, several apps have been created. For gamers, the internet is a gift. Online sheep battle is a viral game.

Participating in the sheep fight online game has many advantages:

• Well-known game:

The sheep fighting game is a popular online game in which players must protect their herds of sheep while destroying the hordes of other players’ herds. Because it only requires two players, this game is in style. Competition is the name of the game in this game, and the best competitor is the winner.

• Service that is always available to customers:

A good internet connection is required to take part in this high-energy game. They get access to the game around the clock, seven days a week, and may play anytime they choose. Due to the ease of access to the internet, players may engage in thrilling one-on-one battles and have an exciting time. This means that everyone may participate in the sheep fight game since it is simple and accessible to everybody.

• There is no price for this service.

There are no hidden fees or costs associated with playing the sheep combat game. In this way, gamers may have fun and socialize without having to invest a penny. The vast majority of internet games are free and may be played at any time and from any location by any individual.

• There are a number of ways that individuals may make money online in the form of:

Playing this game is a way for people to earn money. It’s a simple process to transfer them to their allocated bank accounts. If they win, they will get a variety of fascinating gifts and financial rewards. As a result, making money while having fun may be a fun experience. In order to obtain a significant amount of money, they compete harder. A wide variety of choices are available to gamers, who may pick and choose from them as they see fit. Furthermore, the visuals of the game are outstanding, making you seem like you’re really participating in the action. Including all of these features and functionalities in a game increases its appeal.

• People may quickly cash out their winnings:

When players win, they may get their winnings directly into their bank accounts, making it convenient for them to cash out their winnings whenever they choose. Customers will have no problems making payments since the procedure is so straightforward. It’s also not an issue for them to pay out or collect their incentives in cash. People are urged to participate in this game because of the simplicity with which money may be withdrawn.

• People may win in the following ways on a daily basis:

As a result of the game’s frequent payouts, the sheep fighting game has become an online sensation. As a result, gamers may receive rewards just by playing the game over and over again. This game’s allure stems in part from the possibility of achieving long-term success. In addition, users may earn money and coins by promoting this game to their friends and family members. Using their senses and keeping an eye out for sheep will help them win this game, which is essentially an all-out battle over flocks of sheep. As the name suggests, this is a game of sheep-to-sheep in which players must defend their own territory while destroying their opponents’ territory.

• Assignments for the week:

Participants in the sheep fighting game are given weekly tasks, which they may perform to win rewards for themselves. The scoreboard is refreshed every day to keep track of who’s winning and how much money they’re making. Therefore, gamers may download and play this game at any time they like.

As technology advances, the desire for sheep fight game online play grows. High-quality video and online games are readily accessible right now. Having a solid internet connection will open up the whole gaming world to them. Individuals may now enjoy entertainment whenever and wherever they choose, with no barriers. Furthermore, the idea that people may make money playing these online games baffles everyone. In terms of entertainment, the gaming industry is a dream come true for many people. Stress is reduced, and problem-solving skills are honed as a result of playing games.

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Today, more people are into sports cards collecting as an investment due to the potential profits the trade can bring in. You can invest in sports cads in the short term through the flipping method or as a long-term investment. Flipping is when you buy a particular player’s sports cards because you think you have the potential the flip it when they win, say the best rookie card of the year. In contrast, investing in sports cards in the long term is accumulating cards of generational icons to sell them when their value increases.

First and foremost, there are different aspects of sports card collecting, and different variables affect the value of a card. You can collect rookie cards, boxes, inserts, complete sets, autographs, unopened packs, jersey patch cards, and error cards. In sports cards training, knowing the card’s value is of utmost importance to help you determine the most profitable cards. Let’s look at the aspects that define a sports card’s value.

The player

The more popular a player is, the more valuable their card is. For instance, sports cards for modern starts like James LeBron and Michael Jordan and vintage stars like mickey mantle or Jackie Robinson are likely to be more desirable and highly valued than unsuccessful players Pablo Ice Cold snus.

The same idea goes for teams. Popular teams have a certain allure to collectors and have a string following than lesser-known teams. Furthermore, some cards, especially a player’s first card issue, are more valuable because they represent their first league licensed releases hence desirable for collectors.

Modern or vintage

Many sportscards collectors think that vintage cards are a safer investment than modern ones because their prices may not fluctuate daily. Moreover, vintage cards don’t increase as the demand rises hence a safer investment.

In contrast, the value of modern cards goes up and down based on how well the player plays, injuries, and other factors. But the advantage is that there is more opportunity for short-term profits due to the excitement around sports cards collecting based on current players.


Obviously, a sports card in pristine condition will be worth more than one in poor condition regardless of its popularity or rarity. You can determine the condition of a card by checking its corners, surface, centering, and eyes for any signs of wear and tear. Any signs of fading, creases, dents, marks, or stains diminish the value of the sports card.

Graded or not graded

Sports cards collectors pay more for graded cards than ungraded ones. A grader has professionally evaluated a graded card for its authenticity and condition. PSA is the major grading company, and they put a grade on it from 1-10, with one being poor and 10 being gem mint condition. Ungraded cards are subject to differing opinions among buyers and traders hence differences in value.

The rarity of the card

Some sports cards are more valuable because of their age and scarcity. For instance, short prints, which are the cards printed in less quantity than the other cards in a set, are more valuable than regular cards.

Last word

Sportscard collecting and investing requires a careful strategy for you to profit.

La Liga without their most popular players

In the summer of 2018, the Spanish La Liga experienced a serious blow – Real Madrid left the Portuguese idol Santiago Bernabeu Cristiano Ronaldo after nine brilliant seasons. Three years later, the Pyrenees decided to leave his main opponent in terms of winning various individual awards and, above all, the Ballon d’Or, Lionel Messi. The Argentinian, who played his entire professional career at Barcelona, ​​at 34 agreed to leave troubled Catalonia and sign a contract with Paris Saint-Germain, much more pleasant in all respects (and above all financially).

La Liga still attracts bettors all over the worlds. Who will become the champion this year, in your opinion? You can visit the 22Bet website, download bet app Uganda and make your bets on La Liga teams and games.

It was on Messi and Ronaldo that the prestige of the Spanish La Liga abroad was kept for many years. In China, Japan, the USA, and European countries, many fans followed the tournament vicissitudes of the Spanish championship solely in order to know what the success of the Argentinean or the Portuguese was. Needless to say, the view ratings of El Clásico around the world, when the colors of Barcelona and Real Madrid defended Messi and Ronaldo.

But now the key stars of world football of the last decade are no longer in the Spanish championship, which is why the league leadership and its participating clubs have to look for new ways to stay in sight, and finally not go into the shadow of financially more powerful tournaments, such as, for example, English Premier League.

Since 2013, former Huesca boss Javier Tebas has been the president of La Liga. He is especially praised for his toughness and adherence to principles on key issues, as well as for his ability, as they say, to find a needle in a haystack. Finding the opportunity to squeeze the maximum benefit out of the minimum opportunity is also about Tebas. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many football leagues have lost a significant part of their earnings, but the Spanish championship during this period managed to increase business income by 33%, reaching the figure in the “profitability” column of 140 million euros.

Of course, Tebas and his associates find it incredibly difficult to compete with the power and capabilities of the English Premier League. In particular, recent data show that the islanders have learned much more effectively to sell their championship abroad. If La Liga entered into a deal with US broadcasters to sell television rights on the market of this state for 1.5 billion euros over eight years (the winner of the tender was ESPN), then the Premier League gained 2.12 billion euros from cooperation with NBC Sports, which received the opportunity to be the official broadcaster of the tournament for the next six years. That is, 6 seasons of the Premier League in the North American market, which in general is very attractive for the European leagues, but by no means key in terms of determining the total amount of income, are almost one and a half times more expensive than 8 seasons of La Liga.

This difference does not speak in favor of Tebas, but it is really very difficult for the president of La Liga to influence the development of individual clubs in the championship, especially its top representatives, who are going through hard times due to management mistakes, especially Barcelona.

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For many people collecting sports cards is a hobby. Many sports lovers like having sports cards in their collection to look at them in the future and reminisce about their favorite sportsmen. However, others try to make money out of the hobby. You can profit from collecting sports cards if you know when and what to buy.

Savvy people see sports cards as a potential investment opportunity. It is almost similar to buying stocks. At times the price will go up, and sometimes it will take a dip, so it is pretty unpredictable. If you seek ways to make money from sports cards, here are some.

Purchasing and selling sports cards

One of the easiest ways to profit from sports cards is by buying and selling them. But this method requires some knowledge of the cards and their players. A good tip is to invest in sports cards of young players with potential. The principle behind this is that young players are likely to get a lot of attention in the future, which consequently increases their values. But like many other investments, you can never be too sure that you will make a profit.

Remember that players sometimes play well, and at times they get injured, which can cause their cards’ prices to crash. So be strategic about it and buy cards at lower prices to sell them at a profit in the future. You can test the waters with smaller purchases and see how it goes. If you make profits in most of your initial purchases, you can move things a notch higher and buy more valuable cards.

Buy boxes and sell the cards individually.

Another way to profit from sports cards is to buy them in boxes then sell the cards individually. This is initially expensive, but you never know what you find inside. You may be lucky to pull one gem inside that will repay the entire box and leave you with more cash in your hands. This is also a gambling method because you never know what you will find inside the box.

Buy and grade cards

As you may already know, graded cards are worth more than ungraded ones. With experience and a good eye, you can buy quality ungraded cards, then have them graded to improve their value and sell them at a profit. What you do is find cards with high chances of being graded highly, then send them to a grading service. Many sports cards collectors prefer graded cards because they are certified by a professional grading service. Remember to consider the cost of the grading service, which can be quite expensive.

Sell cards at wholesale.

You can become a card reseller with the right connections with sports card companies. You buy the cards at a reasonable wholesale price and sell them at retail prices. Also, ensure you have enough demand, or you will be left with a stock of cards and no buyers. Also, you need enough capital to invest in the first place.

The takeaway

Use online and offline marketing to promote your cards for sale.

What is Pro Kabaddi League and How to Play?

Watched the pro Kabaddi league on TV when you were a kid? Kabaddi fans cannot afford to miss the exciting pro Kabaddi fantasy leagues on television. There is now a pro kabaddi fantasy league for you to play.

As with kabaddi leagues we see on television, the rules of pro kabaddi fantasy league are similar to those. KhelChamps has a kabaddi tab that you can easily access to become familiar with the pro kabaddi fantasy games.

How to Play Pro Kabaddi league?

It has its roots in ancient Indian and South Asian cultures. Kabaddi is an easy-to-learn contact sport with a rich history dating back millennia. A Kabaddi match consists of two halves of twenty minutes each between two teams of seven players each. It is a game in which players from each team run cross court to the other team’s half and tag members of their team, then run back to their respective teams. Whenever they tag more opposing team members, they score more points, but if they are stopped from crossing back to the opposing team, they do not score!

Rules and prizes for the Pro Kabaddi League?

As with Pro Kabaddi Games, the Pro Kabaddi League follows the same rules. It allows players to invest in their favorite players online and win money by choosing the best scorers on their pro kabaddi fantasy teams.

The more you play in fantasy leagues involving pro kabaddi, the better your chances of winning. Selecting multiple teams (up to six) increases your odds of winning money. You have until reorganizing the teams before the pro kabaddi league starts.

Here are some rules for pro kabaddi league:

1.    If the toss is won, the winning team may choose the court or raid, and the losing team has the remaining choice. The court shall be changed for the second half and the team that did not select a raider shall send him or her first. As at the end of the first half, the number of players should remain the same for the second half.

2.    Any part of the body touching outside the court (outside any end line) shall be declared out. If a player’s entire body is out of the court during struggle and no part of the player is in contact with the court, including the lobby, the player is declared out.

3.    During the struggle, as well as after the struggle, the court shall include all lobbies in the raid. There are lobbies in each side of the court that the players can use to enter their respective sides. Only the half court side of the defending team will be governed by this rule.

4.    “KABADDI” is the approved cant that raiders will chant.

The opponent will receive one point and the opportunity to raid if the opponent does not have the proper cant on their court while he is declared out. A person cannot be pursued for such crimes under such circumstances.

When does the Pro Kabaddi League starts?

In 2014, a professional league for kabaddi was launched. A pro Kabaddi league includes teams from various parts of India. As of today, Patna Pirates are the only pro kabaddi league team to win so many titles.

As of 2019, the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League has ended. Last year’s championship was won by the Bengal Warriors. The dates for this year’s Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League have not yet been announced. KhelChamps will announce the dates soon, and you can bet on your favorite pro kabaddi fantasy champion.

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

The online version of Kabaddi, India’s most popular sport, is called Fantasy Kabaddi. Since it is a contact sport, playing it requires quick reactions and a strong sense of speed. In addition, BalleBaazi includes a new app that lets you create a Fantasy Kabaddi squad on-the-go, so you’ll never have to worry about assembling your team when you’re on the go.

In Fantasy Kabaddi, each team gets a Captain & Vice Captain. It is normal for the captain and vice-captain to be selected as the captain and vice-captain respectively, since the captain receives double the fantasy points he scores in games, while the vice-captain receives 1.5 times.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Kabaddi Online

It is simply impossible to describe the joy of playing online fantasy Kabaddi because the concept of fantasy allows anyone to be engaged and close to a sport they absolutely adore. BalleBaazi also offers fantasy kabaddi. A few of the most significant benefits are as follows:

1.    Play fantasy kabaddi to get closer to the real thing

2.    Learn about a sport and earn money by utilizing your skills and knowledge

3.    Get a daily fantasy kabaddi account today and stop wasting time in useless debates

4.    Play daily on BalleBaazi to improve your knowledge and skill of fantasy kabaddi

5.    We at BalleBaazi provide our players with the BB rewards store that allows them to win no matter what they do on kabaddi online fantasy.

6.    We are offering BalleBaazi fantasy kabaddi players a chance to be featured on our social media pages.

Online 3 Patti: Complete Guide

The gambling card game Ten Patti is a popular game in South Asia and originated on the Indian subcontinent and now you can play it online called online 3 patti. Poker and three-card brag were influenced by each other in the origin of the game. Some areas also refer to it as flash or flush.

In addition to being closely tied to Hindu celebrations, Teen Patti is also a social game and also played by people as online 3 patti. Diwali is the most common time to hear this song.

In this category, playing cards are used in all traditional and game-specific playing card games.

Depending on the type of game (such as poker, online 3 patti), card games can be divided into families. There are international tournaments for some card games played with traditional decks, but the majority of games are folk games based on cultures, regions, and individuals.

Cards normally come in packs of the same size and shape, making a card game easier to play. A card’s back is in addition to its face. Card backs and fronts cannot normally be distinguished. A unique face can exist, or duplicates can exist. The players know what each deck consists of. Several decks can be found in some packs and shoes.

Games involving playing cards exploit the fact that each player knows only what cards he or she holds, as playing cards are only able to be seen from one side. Card games, therefore, can be characterized as both games of chance and games of “imperfect information”-as opposed to games of strategy or perfect information, in which players are aware of their current position at all times. Card games are used in many games that don’t normally fit into that category.

In some cases, board games are considered to be card games. In most card games, players use cards to keep score (the board is merely used for placing cards), and in board games (the leading non-tash game genres to make use of cards), the cards are usually used for referring to players’ positions on the board.

Betting in Online 3 Patti

(The pot) usually consists of an ante or boot amount. The player next to the dealer then begins to bet.

Loose Versus Tight Play

A player’s looseness or tightness in Online 3 Patti relates to his or her tendency to play hands beyond the first round or to fold them quickly. Tight players often fold weak hands, while loose players bet more on weak hands and put them to the test all the way to showdown.

Ranking of Hands

Online 3 Patti can be played two ways. By using a 52-card deck and by including two Jokers as wild cards, one or both methods can be used. To win the game, you need to beat your opponents’ three-card hand and maximize your pot before the showdown. In poker, hands of higher categories always beat hands of lower categories. No matter which of the two players called for the showdown, the pot will be split between the two. A variation where suits are ranked awards the pot to the player with the highest suit.


Below are descriptions of the different combinations of ranking probabilities. There are no two Joker cards in 52-card 3 Patti and online 3 patti, so it does not have these probabilities. Most notably for pairs, the probability changes greatly in Joker versions.

A deck of 52 cards consists of 52 cards. As long as all three cards are combined correctly, it does not matter how the cards are arranged.

High- Low split

A player with the best traditional hand wins the whole pot in both traditional Teen Patti and online 3 Patti games. The lowest hand wins the pot in lowball variations. Players with the best traditional hand (called the high hand) and the player with the best low hand split the pot in high-low split games. Unlike lowball or traditional poker, there may be multiple players left in play at “show” as opposed to the lowball version where usually there is just one remaining. A player can opt out from betting by folding if there are no sideshows. It is typical to have three or four rounds of mutually agreed-upon betting before the showdown, without any player opting out. Furthermore, betting is limited to six to ten rounds, after which there is a mandatory showdown.

High-low split games can be played in two ways: through declarations and through cards. Declaration games require players to declare either their high hand or their low hand (either verbally or by means of chips). Lowest hand among those declaring low wins half of the pot, and highest hand among those declaring high wins half of the pot. Card speak is a game where all players reveal their cards at show and then evaluate their hands; both high and low hands share the pot equally.