Julia Vigas – Biography, Thiago Alcantara Wife

Despite being a homemaker, Julia Vigas is a well-known lady around the world. Julia, who was born on 27 February 1990 in Barcelona (Spain), does believe in the Christian religion. The reason behind her fame is the fact that Julia Vigas is the wife of Spanish professional player named Thiago Alcantara.  

Julia Vigas – Basic Information

Zodiac sign: Pieces

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches 

Weight: 57 kg 

Body measurements: 32-26-32 inches 

Bra size: 32C

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair: Blonde 

Feet: 7 (US) 

Dress: 6 (US)

Tattoos: Yes

Julia Vigas –Early Life, Sibling, Parents  

Julia Vigas was born and bred by Berta and Enric Viga in Barcelona. Her father worked for manufacturing brand. Vigas did not have any siblings to cherish her childhood.

Hence, she never saw the ultimate bond between siblings. Julia had a fortune of living a very peaceful life as she mostly saw most of wishes come true.  

She once described the relationship with her father too precious as after a certain age; she got to know the amount of hard work Enric put to make things better for the family.

Julia Vigas – Love Life

Julia Vigas had an aim to become a successful professional worker. However, she never had an idea about a rich future knocking her doors.

Being a famous Barcelona player in 2011, Thiago Alcantara was one of the most famous names in the Spanish city. She met Thiago for the first time in a local charity project.

After having a formal meet of 30 minutes, they shared numbers. Within two to three months, Julia became the girlfriend of Thiago.

However, in 2013, she even moved with him to Munich. They couple stayed in Germany up until the summer of 2020.

The year of 2015 managed to bring fortunes for both as they married on 27 June 2015 in Sant Climent de Peralta, Catalonia, Spain.

Thiago and Julia currently live with two children named Gabriel Alcantara and Siena Alcnntara.


Santa Clara International School Barcelona and the University of Barcelona provided Julia a much-needed platform to become a professional. She studied marketing management at her university.  

Professional Career!

Social media must be playing a decent role for Julia Vigas to land money and fame. However, her main job is to act like a homemaker.

Taking care of two children and other family members make the job of Julia utterly challenging. In order to see Thiago working well as a footballer, Julia plays her all to make the family look stable.

Social Media

Over 133k followers on Instagram do tell the fame of Julia Vigas. She has got the most of her husband’s popularity. Otherwise, it would have taken a lot of effort to become popular. Despite having a huge following, she stays down to earth.

Net Worth

The net worth of Julia Vigas is $1m USD.


Thiago Alcantara is a quality football player from Spain. Thiago spent her youth career at Flamengo, Ureca, Kelme, Flamengo, and Barcelona. In 2009, he made his senior club debut for Barca. After four seasons, German club Bayern Munich signed him.

The Spanish midfielder stayed at the club until 2020. However, He made a move to Liverpool in 2020. Thiago made his Spain debut in 2011. He can speak Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, German, and English fluently.   

Reagan Howard – Biography, Age, Net Worth, Alex Bregman Wife

Reagan Howard (R. Elizabeth Bregman) works as an enterprise business development & customer enablement specialist. Reagan hails from Mandeville (Louisiana, United States), was born on 26 August 1994, and follows the Christian religion. Representing white ethnicity, Reagan Howard is the fiancé of baseball star Alex Bregman.

Reagan HowardBasic details

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches 

Weight: 52 kg 

Body measurements: 32-26-32 inches 

Bra size: 32B

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair: Blonde 

Feet: 6 (US) 

Dress: 4 (US)

Tattoos: No 

Reagan Howard – Father, Mother, Sibling   

Reagan parents, Rick and Rachel raised her Mandeville. She did not know the love of siblings as she was the only child of the Howard family. Indeed, It allowed her to get the best love from every single corner. However, Howard said in an interview that she missed the magic of having a brother and sister.   

She mostly saw most of her wishes come true as her parents had sufficient finances to make things fantastic from her angle. 

Reagan Howard – Education 

Reagan always loved the magic of education. Hence, she took her basic studies very seriously. 

Reagan joined Belair High School to get the best chance of earning grades. 

It allowed her to join the Texas A&M University, earning a management degree. Reagan always knew the fact that academies can lead her to glory. Indeed, the same thing happened in her brick-and-mortar life. 

 Reagan Howard – Love Story 

In early 2020, Reagan Howard became the fiancé of Alex Bregman who is a well-known American baseball star. The couple took seven to eight good years before taking the next step in their life. In the world of baseball, Reagan and Alex make one of the best couples ever.

The ultimate bond of Reagan and Alex can be an inspiration for many people around the world. They take care of each other very well and see their future like a united force. Reagan is a huge dog lover too. 

Professional Journey of Reagan Howard

Reagan Howard is a former Google employee. She earned a management degree from Texas A&M University, earning a chance to work for Google in the United States as an enterprise business development & customer enablement specialist. However, She left her dream organization in 2017 as the family requirements did not push her to see a future while working for Google. Therefore, she now works as a professional guidance provider.

Social Media 

Reagan Howard is indeed a fine name on Instagram and other social media networks. Over 43.3k Insta followers make the fact very clear about her fame. Despite being famous, she loves to stay down to earth.

Net Worth

The net worth of Reagan is $ 1.5 million (US dollars). Indeed, Reagan has to work really hard to make a stable financial foundation.   


Alex Bregman is a well-known American professional baseball star. Bregman is famous for his fearless approach as a Major League Baseball representative. Those who make future from betting, see Bregman as an inspiration to follow across the globe.    

Amy Crawford: Biography, Gerrit Cole Wife, Net Worth, Husband

Amy Crawford is the beloved wife of famous baseball player Gerrit Cole. She was born on 10 January 1989 in Mountain View, California. Amy, who is a part of white ethnicity, follows the Christian religion. 

Amy Crawford: Basic Information 

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches 

Weight: 58 kg 

Body measurements: 34-26-34 inches 

Bra size: 34B

Eye colour: Dark Brown 

Hair: Blonde 

Feet: 6 (US) 

Dress: 4 (US)

Tattoos: Yes 

Amy Crawford: Parents and Early Life 

Amy Crawford was born in a very stale family. Her parents, Mike and Lynn Crawford took care of her very well. In an interview, Amy said that her parents’ house never saw major problems related to fun and enjoyment. Hence, she feels blessed to have three siblings named Jenna, Kaitlin and Brandon Crawford. All of them played a huge role to back each other for making a fantastic career as professionals. 

It shows the fact that Amy received everything she wanted during her much younger days. In the United States, not many families face major financial challenges.       

Amy Crawford: Education 

Amy Crawford invested her high school days from Foothill High School. She passed her high school tasks with flying colours, managing to make a great impact before earning a degree. 

The University of California in Los Angeles provided Amy a fine platform to become a professional. Amy’s teachers always saw a bright future of her as her ability to manage things were better than her classmates. 

Amy Crawford’s Love Life 

Amy Crawford and Gerrit Cole stayed together for a long time before deciding to do marriage. They have been in a relationship since 2011. It took the lovely pair of six good years to marry. 

In 2017, Amy became the wife of Gerrit Cole. Three years later, they were blessed with a son. His name is Caden Cole. He was born in early June 2020.    

Crawford feels blessed to live with Gerrit Cole, who does put his level best to make a good name. 

Amy Crawford Professional Career 

She had a dream of working and making a fine career on her own. However, the job of Gerrit Cole as a baseball player required Amy’s full attention towards making the family life of the Cole family look stable. 

Amy Crawford now works as a homemaker. Her only aim is to provide a stable line to the family. Gerrit Cole respects Amy’s contribution to sacrificing her dreams. 

It shows the deep signs of the ultimate bond between the couple. 

Social Media 

Over 57k followers show the fact that Amy Crawford has done a great job to make her name on Instagram. She uses her SM impact to help the helpless. Also, she shares her family life and personal work with her beloved fans. 

Net Worth 

According to many useful media updates, the net worth of Amy Crawford is $1 million (US dollars).   


Gerrit Cole is a well-known professional baseball player who hails from Newport Beach, California. For betting lovers, he is the best player to invest in.  

Samie Amos: Biography, Jayson Tatum Girlfriend, Volleyball player

Samie, who represents white ethnicity, follows the Christian religion. Born on 4 May 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, Samie Amos is a volleyball player. Samie Amos is a well-known girlfriend of famous basketball player Jayson Tatum. 

Samie Amos: Basic Information 

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches 

Weight: 57 kg 

Body measurements: 34-26-34 inches 

Bra size: 32C

Eye colour: Dark Brown 

Hair: Dark Brown 

Feet: 8 (US) 

Dress: 4 (US)

Tattoos: Yes 

Samie Amos: Parents, Siblings

Samie Amos’ parents are Jason and June Amos. She feels blessed to live her childhood with her brother Luke Amos. Samie was born in a smart financial background. Therefore, she never had to face major battles with things she wanted as a child. It shows the fact that Samie mostly saw pleasing time during her much younger days.      

Samie Amos: Education 

Samie Amos was famous for managing academics and extracurricular activities very well. She went to St Louis Public School for getting a basic education. 

For the higher studies, Duke University gave her a smart platform to shine. The sports scholarship allowed Samie to study from a precious university for many students in the United States. 

Samie Amos: Love Life 

Samie is the long-term girlfriend of Jayson Tatum. They have been living together since 2016. A year later, Samie and Jayson did welcome a new member to their young family. His name is Jayson Tatum Jr. Samie became a mother at a very young age. Hence, she feels 10 times mature than others. Tatum does take care of her studies, work and family very well. 

Despite her boyfriend is an earning very well, she wants to keep on working hard for making her future bright.       

Samie Amos loves Jayson Tatum from the bottom of heart as she sees her future only with him. It shows the level of trust both have in their relationship. 


Samie Amos is a university-level volleyball player. She has been working hard to represent the United States in international volleyball competition from a very young age.   

Samie always saw her future in the field of sports. Hence, she pushed herself very hardly for becoming a decent player. As the competition is very high in the United States, Samie sees her boyfriend as an inspiration to reach the highest level. Her sport is not financially too sound – but she does her level best despite knowing these facts.   

For young kids, Samie can be a great inspiration to follow in this brick-and-mortar world. 

Social Media 

Just over 6,000 followers on Instagram make it clear that Amos has earned the fans on her own. She could have got millions of followers from the backing of her soul mate. However, Samie wants to make her name. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Samie Amos is $1 million (US dollars).  


Jayson Tatum is a National Basketball Association (NBA) player. He made his professional debut for Boston Celtics since in 2017. Jayson is a well-known basketball player as he loves to give his on the football pitch. Jayson is a dream player to invest in for betting lovers. 

Rike Nooitgedagt – Biography, Virgil van Dijk wife, Net Worth

Coming from an utterly fine background, Rike Nooitgedagt was born on 8 June 1993 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Rike is a part of the Dutch ethnicity. She believes in the Christian religion. Rike Nooitgedagt is famous for being the wife of Virgil van Dijk.  

Rike Nooitgedagt – Physical Stats

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches 

Weight: 55 kg 

Body measurements: 32-34-32 inches 

Bra size: 32B

Eye colour: Dark Brown 

Hair: Black 

Feet: 7 (US) 

Dress: 4 

Tattoos: Yes 

Rike Nooitgedagt – Parents

Jake and Nicola Nooitgedagt are the parents of Rike. She saw one of the best childhood kids can imagine as being the only child of Jake and Nicola, she had that advantage.

Rike loves her father and mother very much. She feels that fact that not having a sibling did help her a lot. However, Rike’s father Jake played a huge role to make things better.     

Despite living a rich life as a child, Nooitgedagt remained down to earth in many different ways.

Rike Nooitgedagt – Education

The British School of Amsterdam provided Rike a platform to earn basic studies. Rike took her basic education very well and earned great grades without having any major problem. She always enjoyed history and could have made a great career. However, Nooitgedagt had a great captivation towards fashion. It led Rike to join the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, which is one of the best places to learn of modelling projects in Europe and possibly around the world.

Rike Nooitgedagt – Love story

Rike Nooitgedagt is the childhood sweetheart of Virgil van Dijk. They knew each other since 2005. Three years later, in 2008, Van Dijk purposed Rike and started a beautiful relationship.

In 2014, Rike and Virgil added a baby girl Nila to their family. However, they married in the summer of 2016.

Due to Virgil van Dijk’s work as a footballer, Rike had to move with him. Other than Amsterdam, Rike lived in Glasgow and Southampton before making a move to Liverpool in 2018.

Rike Nooitgedagt – Career

Rike Nooitgedagt had a short-lived career as a fashion designer on a regular basis. She did work for two years or so in the early 2010s in Amsterdam. In 2013, Rike had to go with Van Dijk to Scotland as he joined Celtic. The very reason did not push her to keep on working full time. Now she takes care of her family as a homemaker and does part-time work in her chosen field. It shows the deep connections she has with her work and family.

Rike has adopted parts. One can see her sharing her family pictures with a beautiful dog.

Social Media

Rike Nooitgedagt uses the social media account like a normal individual.    

Net Worth

Van Dijk has helped Giannina Maradona to have a net worth of $5 million (US dollars).


Virgil van Dijk is a quality football player who is one of the best defenders of all time. Van Dijk had played for Groningen, Celtic, and Southampton before joining Liverpool in January 2018.  For betting lovers, he is a dream player to invest in.

Giannina Maradona: Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Sergio Aguero wife

Giannina Maradona’s name is just enough to attract the media around the world. Born on 16 May 1989 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Giannina is a beloved child of late footballer Diego Maradona. Sergio Aguero, who is the former husband of Giannina Maradona, is also a well-known football player from Argentina. 

Basic information about Giannina Maradona! 

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches 

Weight: 55 kg 

Body measurements: 32-36-32 inches 

Bra size: 32B

Eye colour: Dark Brown 

Hair: Black 

Feet: 7 (US) 

Dress: 4 

Tattoos: Yes 

Early life of Giannina Maradona

Giannina Maradona felt blessed to live a very lavish childhood. Her father Diego Maradona was one of the richest sportspersons of all time during his playing days. It allowed Giannina and siblings Dalma and Diego Sinagra to have a better life.

Giannina’s Claudia Villafane is a well-known Argentine entrepreneur. Giannina lived in Naples and Seville before returning to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Despite living in Italy, Giannina can’t speak Italian as she was very old when her father moved from Naples to Seville. Giannina’s sister Dalma has made her own name as an actress.

Giannina Maradona – Love Life 

In 2007, Giannina Maradona met rising superstar of football Sergio Aguero. A year later, in 2008, they married and created headlines in Argentina and around the world.  

Giannina and Sergio added a lovely boy to their family named Benjamin Aguero in February 2009.

It looked as everything was going well between both. However, things started to change in 2011. The lovely pair did not like to live together anymore.   

Aguero’s move to Manchester from Madrid in 2011 could have played a major role behind the couple parting ways. 

Most of South Americans do not like to live in Manchester, England. Hence, most football clubs in London take advantage. They ended their relationship in 2012. 

Giannina Maradona – Career 

It will be a surprise to many when they get to know that Giannina Maradona works as an accessory designer in Argentina. Her love for this artistic field pushed Giannina a lot after taking divorce with Kun Aguero in 2012. Despite she has millions of dollars in the bank; Giannina loves to keep on earning and making her career look fantastic. 

For many young kids, it can be a great motivation to follow as nothing beats hard work with consistency. 

Social media 

The name Maradona is sufficient in Argentina to attract millions of followers on social media. As things stand, Giannina Maradona holds more than one million followers on Instagram. She is also very much active on other SM networks. 

Net Worth

Giannina Maradona is a very rich lady, holding a whopping net wealth of $5 million (USD). 

Former Husband Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero is a quality football player who plays as a striker. Aguero came from the youth system of Independiente, making his debut in 2003 before moving to Atletico Madrid in 2006. 

He stayed at the Spanish club until 2011. The Argentine forward made a move to Manchester City in the Premier League. Kun Aguero made his debut for Argentina in 2006. 

Alice Campello: Model, Bio, Social Media, Alvaro Morata Wife, Net Worth

Alice Campello, who hails from Mestre, Italy, is a professional model and social media personality. Alice was born on 5 March 1995. It means that her zodiac sign is Pisces. Coming from Italian ethnicity, Alice follows the Christian religion. Alice Campello is the wife of famous footballer Alvaro Morata. 

Physical Stats of Alice Campello

Alice is a beautiful lady, standing 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She weighs around 56 kg. Her body measurements stand 32-26-32 inches. It makes things clear that her breast size is 32B. Alice’s feet measures around 6 (US). Her dress size is 4. Indeed, dark brown eyes and blonde hair make the look of Alice just outstanding. 

Alice Campello – Early Life, Sibling, Education 

Mestre–born Alice was raised by Andrea and Maria Campello. In an interview, Alice prised her brother Alessandro Campello for helping her out to shape her career. She did her schooling from International School of Venice. However, Alice never liked the fact that she had to study hard. Her aim was to make her career as a model.    

Alice Campello’s Love Life 

The summer of 2015 was one of the best for Alice Campello as she met Alvaro Morata for the first time. It took them just one or two dates to enter in a relationship. A year later, Alice announced her engagement with Alvaro Morata. In 2016, the couple got married. Alvaro and Alvaro are blessed to have three children named Leonardo, Alessandro and Edoardo Morata. Alvaro Morata is a well-paid footballer. Hence, even the financial challenges are not in the family. Indeed, It helps many relations to maintain their class of love and passion. She feels blessed to find Alvaro Morata, who takes care of his wife like a pure gentleman.   

Alice Campello – Professional Journey

Alice Campello started her modelling career at a very young age of 18. Being a part of the modern-day generation, Campello took the help of Instagram and other social media platforms to make her name famous around the world. Alvaro Morata’s presence also helps her attract more projects. Indeed, It shows the fact that how much Morata plays the role in her life.    

Alice has featured in some top magazines in Italy, Spain and England. She never runs out of work. Alice used a combination of hard and smart work to reach this level. 

Many young kids can take Alice as a great inspiration to follow in this brick-and-mortar world. 

Social Media 

Over two million followers on Instagram show the value of Alice Campello. Indeed, she has worked a lot to make her name on social media. It is a huge platform for her revenue generation. 

Net Worth

Alice is indeed a very rich lady, holding a great net worth of $1.7 million (US dollars).  


Alvaro Morata is a super famous football player from Spain. He made his national team debut in 2014. However, Alvaro is also famous for only attracting top clubs. Morata is known for his goal-scoring ability in the final third.    

Kishele Shipley: Biography, Kawhi Leonard Girlfriend

Kishele Shipley is a well-known personality. She is the girlfriend of a famous basketball player named Kawhi Leonard. Kishele, who is a part of African ethnicity, religiously follows the Christian religion. She was born on 10 April 1989 in San Diego, California, United States. It means that her zodiac sign is Aries.       

Kishele Shipley – Physical Stats 

Kishele Shipley is a beautiful lady, standing five feet and four inches tall. Her body weight nearly remains at the mark of 50 kg. The combination of brown eyes and black hair takes her to look to another level. Kishele, whose body measures around 34-24-34 inches, wears the shoe size of 7 (US) and dress size of 4. The size of the breast is 32B.  

Kishele Shipley – Parents, Childhood 

San Diego-born Kishele Shipley was born and brought up by Cathy Marie Shipley and Kenneth Shipley. Her brother’s name is Tony Shipley. She spent most of her childhood with her sibling in San Diego.  

Kishele Shipley – Education 

Kishele Shipley did her schooling from Tony Torah High School-San Diego. Kishele’s keen interesting in the market-led her to San Diego State University. She enjoyed her beloved filed of studies and passed out with flying colours. 

Her love for extracurricular activities was not very great. Hence, she completely focused on studying and becoming better. 

In an interview, Kishele said that she is very much connected with her father. It shows the great bond between father and daughter.

Kishele Shipley – love life   


Kishele Shipley got a chance to meet Kawhi Leonard for the first time in 2013. It was love at first sight. They have been living as partners since 2014. In 2016, the lovely pair welcomed a baby girl. Her name is Kaliyah Leonard. The family lives together in the city of Los Angeles. Kishele and Kawhi have been living together like a pure unit. It shows the deep bond between the pair. 

Professional Journey

Kishele Shipley did work as a marking professional from 2011 to 2015, paying full hard work and passion. However, she had to leave her beloved firm due to her family. As mentioned above, Kaliyah started to live with Kishele. Therefore, she had to end her time as a working professional. Now Kishele works as a full-time homemaker. She does her level best to keep the spirit of the family very high. Kishele’s ability to work relentlessly makes her better than many others in this brick-and-mortar world. 

Social Media 

Kishele Shipley lives her life very much simply on social media. She has a limited number of followers on Instagram and other platforms. 

Net Worth 

Many must not be knowing the fact that Kishele Shipley’s net worth is $1.3 million (US dollars).


Kawhi Leonard is a National Basketball Association (NBA) player who has played for many top professionals sides. He started his professional career 2011, joining the San Antonio Spurs. After playing the 2018-19 season for the Toronto Raptors, he joined the Los Angeles Clippers. Kawhi is famous around the world for showing his magical class at the highest level. 

Perrie Edwards – Wiki, Bio, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Wife, Age

Perrie Edwards is a well-known English singer. She was born on 10 July 1993 in South Shields, United Kingdom. The zodiac sign of Perrie, who is a part of white ethnicity, is Cancer. Perrie Edwards’ partner Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is an English professional football player. 

Perrie Edwards: Hobbies and Favourite Things 

Her hobbies are singing, dancing, shopping, reading books and swimming. Perrie does love Hollywood movies and series and likes the pair of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. A Quiet Place is her beloved movie. Pink and red colours are her beloved colours. Perrie Edwards’s much visit holiday destination is the Maldives. Indian, English and American cuisines are the closest to Perrie’s soul. 

Perrie Edwards: Physical Stats 

Perrie Edwards is a beautiful white lady, standing 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She weighs around 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her body measures 34-26-34 inches. Dark brown eyes and blonde hair take her to look to a classical level. Perrie has put tattoos on her body. She is a famous personality. Hence, taking care of the body is kind of her thing. 

Perrie Edwards: Early Life, Parents, Kids, Marriage, Siblings 

South Shields-born Perrie Edwards was born and brought up by Debbie and Alexander Edwards. Perrie did spend her childhood with her bother Jonnie and sister Caitlin. Her father and mother are also famous singers. Perrie’s parents took parted ways when she was very young. Radipole Primary School in Weymouth, Dorset, provided her with the platform to earn basic studies. From St. Peter and Paul RC Primary School, and Mortimer Community College, she did her higher studies.

Back in May 2012, Perrie dated singer Zayn Malik. A year later, in August 2013, Perrie and Zayn became engaged. Nearly two years later, then-lovely pair parted ways. In February 2017, Perrie came to the limelight after starting the relationship with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Perrie and Alex are in living together ever since.     

Professional Career 

Perrie Edwards is not the best singer from England but has earned decent respect in her field. Perrie is a product of The X Factor. Working hard in a precious signing platform allowed Perrie to become a rising name in the field. Hosing 2020 MTV Europe Music Awards was a huge highlight of her career. Perrie’s father and mother did provide her a sound platform – but she worked hard on her own for taking the next step.    

Social Media 

Perrie Edwards has more than 11.3 million followers on Instagram. Her Insta handle is @perrieedwards. Perrie does use her social media accounts very well in terms of promotion and all.

Net Worth     

Perrie Edwards’ net worth is more than $2 million (USD) at present. Perrie has worked hard to reach this sound level. 

Partner Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is an English professional football player who can work as an attacking midfielder and winger. Alex came from the youth ranks of Southampton in 2010. After just one good season with the Saints, Arsenal signed him in 2011. He stayed at the club for six seasons before making a move to Liverpool in 2017. Injuries have impacted the future of Alex in many different ways.     

Kendra Wilkinson: Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Hank Baskett ex-wife

Kendra Wilkinson is a well-known television personality and model. San Diego-born Kendra’s date of birth is 12 June 1985. 

It makes things clear that her zodiac sign is Gemini. Kendra, who is a part of white ethnicity, follows the Christian religion.

The former husband of Kendra Wilkinson is Hank Baskett.

Kendra Wilkinson: Hobbies and Favourite Things

Enjoying holidays in Paris, Barcelona and Valencia make the soul of Kendra Wilkinson satisfied. The famous American model likes dancing, shopping and travelling. 

Kendra does watch Hollywood movies and series, with Will Smith’s work attracts her most. 

The former wife of Hank enjoys eating American and Indian cuisines. Wilkinson does love making tattoos. However, she is not too obsessed with this practice. 

Physical Stats of Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall. Her body weight stands at the mark of 55 kg. 

Kendra’s breast size is 34F, feet measures at 7, and dress at 6 mark (US). The combination of hazel eyes and blonde hair provides her a natural look. 

Kendra Wilkinson: Parents, Kids, Marriage, Parents   

Kendra Wilkinson was born and bred in San Diego, United States. Her parents, Eric W. and Patti Wilkinson suggested a working-class family.

Kendra spent her childhood with her younger brother Colin. Academically, she was a decent student. However, her love was in modelling. 

Hugh M. Hefner and Shawne Merriman were in Kendra’s life – but she did not fancy living with them. 

In 2009, Kendra married Hank Baskett in a very lavish way. The lovely pair welcomed two children named Alijah Mary Baskett and Hank Baskett IV. 

Most of the things looked well between the couple. However, they started to see some difference in 2017. Hence, Kendra and Hank mutually parted ways in 2018. 

Living without each other was not a good situation for both – but they left with no plans. 

Professional Career

Kendra Wilkinson had to work in a hard manner for becoming a top television personality and model. 

The Philadelphia Eagles made Kendra one of their leading cheerleaders in 2005. She worked hard and got a chance to work for some top fashion brands. 

From 2004 to 2009, Playboy and The Girls Next Door provided her a much-needed platform. 

Since 2012, the professional career of Kendra has taken a different ride. She has worked with top publications, making a great name. 

Social Media 

Being a model, Kendra Wilkinson does love social media channels. She has more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram. 

Kendra’s impact on other SM platforms is stable. 

Net Worth

Kendra Wilkinson’s net worth is $6 million (USD) or so. Kendra has worked hard since 2006 to reach this level. 

Ex-husband Hank Baskett

Hank Baskett is a retired American football wide receiver. Hank represented some of the top sided such as Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings. 

In 2007, Hank became the Eagles special teams MVP. He had a short-lived but a respected career as a professional. 

For gambling lovers, Hank Baskett was a sound investment.