Radio Advertising In 2021 – Is There Still Value In It?

Over the last couple of years, the idea of advertising has changed quite a bit. More people are now focusing more on internet marketing than they did before. This has brought marketing in the mainstream media to dive, but is it all lost with regards to mainstream media advertising like radio? It all depends on how you look at it, as radio remains a powerful voice that can get a message across. But is there still value in radio advertising in 2021?

What’s New?

The new idea today is people use the internet to do most of their advertising and marketing, and ad agencies like King Kong have benefited from that perception. So far, it has worked wonders as many people spend a vast amount of their time on the internet. Unfortunately, this has almost caused several people to assume radio will die because of the shift to the internet. That won’t happen, though, not now at least; several people still trust mainstream media ads more. That’s why there will continue to be growth in radio ads over the next couple of years. 

What Radio Offers

Before deciding if the radio is still valuable or not, you first need to figure out what it offers. Radio offers broadcast content only through ads, and it’s pretty influential. However, one aspect that most people don’t look at is the cost of radio ads. Radio advertising is a pretty cost-effective route to reach all aspects of your target market. It can reach a small or big group effectively with only the use of a voice. When you use the radio to do your advertisement you only need a few moving parts – that’s why it’s cost-effective. As long as you have the creative content laid down and the voice, you are set. It will still be an innovative and sophisticated advertisement that reaches all across the board. You only need to look at the trends to see that radio isn’t going anywhere just yet. 


Research by COMTEX stated that global radio advertisement raked in around $38.1B in 2020 alone. A new report by IMARC Group then says that the market is expected to still grow in the next five or more years. The growth or radio advertising market has seen growth as smartphones, among other digital gadgets, have hit the market. As a result, radio is now accessible to a broader market globally than before. The other reason there will be radio growth is because of the portable nature they are now available on. More programs are now more educated and the music among other entertainment measures. Rural areas, in most countries, don’t have access to the internet, leaving radio as their main source of information. That’s also another reason why radio ads will keep up with their upwards trajectory. Lastly, you can’t use the internet while driving, exercising, or doing your daily chores – radio fills that gap. 

Should You Still Advertise On The Radio?

Radio advertising still has immense value as far as ads go. In 2021, or the next years to come, you can still use radio to reach a wider part of your audience.

Amber Gill: What makes her real deal?

Amber Gill

Amber Gill is indeed a true definition of multitasking. The way she takes her career very seriously is just a gift for many people around the world. It is a gift of hope which makes it clear that anything is possible in this brick-and-mortar world. She came from nothing and took her career to another level. Not many can climb the mountain like her. She is a quality lady with aim to be crème de la crème. Indeed, the very fact makes her cut above the rest. Otherwise, it can be very hard for anyone to shine in a very smooth manner.

Love Island star Amber Gill age gives her the feeling of being the champion. It is like Tyson Fury walking in the field of modelling. She is young – and the world is her oyster. It is hard to say the same with others who indeed do not work as hard as her. She is a supreme example of tenacity. It is like a dog that holds the ability to win things in a hard situation.

\Amber is a very smooth lady with a classical tone which do make and take her career to the very best level. Indeed some of her friends must be feeling very bad to see her doing great things. They did not see her taking a very step in her career. However, her aim had the ability to flip the script. Indeed, she did it in a fantastic manner. This is what makes her a special lady.

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Amber Gill does a lot of modelling work. The way she carries herself is just a great thing to do. She works for top fashion organisations. Hence, it provides her with an opportunity to travel around the world and see the real magic of this globe. She said in an interview that it was her dream to work across the globe and travel at the same time. She does like to travel with her friends and family. However, Amber does like business trips too. She knows what she is doing. It makes her aliened to keep on working and growing to another level. Well, nothing comes very easily in this world. She is indeed a great example to make the very statement look like a realistic picture. Dubai is her beloved holiday destination. However, it is not her only must place to visit. It shows her passion for travelling.

She is not a huge sports fan. However, her boyfriend Jon Hosking is a very huge football (soccer) fan. He does even travel as an away fan. Amber knows the very fact. Therefore, she does watch it with her boyfriend. It makes the bond between both even special. In a way, it shows her way of making things solid when it comes to maintaining a sound relationship. Amber Gill is famous because of being a part of Love Island. The very show in the United Kingdom holds the power to make anyone famous. It takes just one good show to become a face in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.
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How to create the best team on Dream 11?

Cricket is a game being played between two teams of 11 players each with bat and ball in a round field having a pitch of length 20 meters in the middle of the field. On both ends of the pitch, wickets are placed and batsman plays within that pitch, and opponent players stay on the field as fielders to dismiss their opponents by various methods of dismissal. In India, there are lots of cricket enthusiasts and lovers. They love to play cricket and also, they love to watch live matches. There many people who like to bet on matches and earn profits. So, for them, we have come up with a great platform dream 11 that legally allows online cricket betting.

The Indian fans don’t need any special introduction about dream 11 as it is very popular among Indian fans. Now to start betting you need to sign up in the Dream 11 app and add your card details to add money in the app.

If you are a fresher first you need to know about the cricket betting tips for that you can get information from cric and cricbuzz apps. In this review we have focused on how to create the best team on dream11?

First, join free contests available in the Dream 11 app to learn about how it works by implementing the online betting tips you have learned. Once you get some knowledge about it you are all set to go for mega-events.

  • You have to select 6 players from one team and another 5 players from the opponent team to get more profits.
  • If 1 team is weak and another is strong then take more players from the stronger team.
  • Before joining any contest on dream 11 you need to check the weather report, ground report, injuries of players, and team news from online sites so you predict good teams.
  • Now you have selected the team to select the captain and vice-captain of your team wisely as captain and vice-captain draws more points for you.
  • Now select 1 wicketkeeper, 2 all-rounders and 5 batsmen and 3 bowlers. You can also change the number of bowlers and batsmen.
  • Select batsmen and bowlers by checking their past performance in different matches.

Let’s take an example by setting up a team in dream 11 and you can get to know about your earnings.

Captain earns 2x more points than normal players while vice-captain earns 1.5x points so choose them wisely. Try to select an all-rounder as a captain.

Now choose a batsman who can score more by hitting long runs and even play safely with strong bowlers. Choose batsman according to the pitch conditions and past performances. As only scoring runs can get you points.

Choose good players having the best bowling styles as giving no runs or hitting wickets will give you better points

Now choose all-rounders having both batting and bowling qualities good enough.

Now, most important choose a wicketkeeper that saves your runs.

Making a team like this in dream 11 can get you more profits.

Geraldine Molina: Bio, Age, Yerry Mina Wife

Geraldine Molina

Geraldine Molina is a well-known Colombian WAG. Born on May 3, 1995, her zodiac sign is Taurus. Just like her husband, she was born in Guachene, Colombia. Hence, it feels her nationality is Colombian. Geraldine represents a mix of African-Latino roots. She indeed believes in the Christian religion. Geraldine Molina is the wife of famous Colombian football player Yerry Mina.  

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Physical Stats of Geraldine Molina

Stunning-looking Geraldine Molina stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Unlike her husband, she does not feel some sort of a model. Geraldine weighs around 68 kg. Her body measurements are 38-28-38 inches. Black eyes and hair indeed make her style even productive. Geraldine’s feet size is 7 (US). Despite being too cool, she has not looked to make a tattoo. 

Geraldine Molina: Parents, Children, Education 

Geraldine Molina was born and bred in Guachene. Her grandparents moved from Africa to Colombia for a better living in the 1960s. Geraldine’s father, Jason Molina, is a common farmer. Her mother, Lita Molina, served her job as a homemaker. She grew up with two children named Jorge and Juan Molina (boys). 

Geraldine joined Natael Diaz Cooperative School for earning basic education. She was kind of an average student. However, her aim for fashion designing opened the doors of Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Hence, she had a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing. Indeed, it is not a course many looks to opt-in Colombia. 

Geraldine Molina: Marriage, Kids

Geraldine Molina has been living with Yerry Mina since 2013. At that time, Mina was not very famous. However, the bond between both is at another level. Geraldine married Yerry in 2014. Only close friends and family members did attend the ceremony. They now live with a cute little dog. 

Geraldine Molina
Geraldine Molina with her husband

In 2018, Geraldine lived in Barcelona for a long time. In the same year, they made a move to Liverpool. Other than Colombia, the Mina family does enjoy staying in Liverpool. Indeed, Everton fans do love him but not the fans of Liverpool FC.

Geraldine Molina: Professional Career 

Geraldine Molina wanted to make a career in Colombia. However, moving away with Yerry Mina to different nations didn’t allow her to work in her nation. However, she works very well as a homemaker. It has indeed helped Mina to adjust to any location. Hence, he has triggered in his career very well. A major credit behind this goes to Geraldine, who works utterly hard. 

Social Media  

Despite having a private Instagram account Geraldine has over 36k followers on Instagram. Thus, it means that she checks her followers allowing them to join her. She has also made an Instagram account for her dog. There she shares pictures of her dog only, with over 1k followers. 

Net Worth 

Geraldine does not work professionally. Hence, her net worth can’t be calculated. However, her husband does earn millions. 

Husband – Yerry Mina

Yerry Mina is one of the best footballers from Colombia ever. He had played for Deportivo Pasto, Santa Fe, Palmeiras and Barcelona before joining Everton in 2018. Yerry made his first appetence for Colombia in 2016. Injuries have impact his career a lot. Otherwise, he could have made a career at Barcelona.  Many people do say that he has not lived upto the expectations for becoming one of the top 10 defenders in the world.

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Telli Swift: Age, Model, Bio, Deontay Wilder Girlfriend

Telli Swift

Telli Swift is a well-known America model, Fashion Designer and TV Personality. She was born on 24th January 1987 in the Philippines. Hence, it is clear that her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Telli’s nationality is American. She represents multicultural origins. Telli Swift is the girlfriend of famous professional boxer Deontay Wilder.  

Telli Swift: Physical Stats 

Born with amazing looks, Telli Swift stands 5 feet and 6 inches. She is a well-working model; hence, staying fit is kind of her things. Telli weighs 58 kg. It is a decent weight considering her height. Telli’s body measurements are 36-28-36 inches. Dark brown eyes and hair indeed do provide her ultimate looks. Telli’s feet size is 7 (US). However, her dress size is 4 (US).    

Telli Swift: Parents, Siblings, Education 

Telli Swift was born in the Philippines. Initially, she did leave in Tokyo. However, right before her teen years, her family moved back to the United States. Martin Swift, Telli’s father, is a retired software engineer. 

Timle Swift, her mother, worked as a homemaker. As she did live in different nations, Telli had to change her schools regularly.  

Telli never had an interest in academics. Hence, she never saw her future in study-directed fields.   

Telli Swift: Love Life, Boyfriend, Children 

Telli Swift started her lovely relationship with Deontay Wilder in 2015. They met at the airport in Los Angeles. Indeed, Deontay liked the way she looked after herself. They then stayed in touch via social media. 

She also takes care of Wilder’s eight children. Wilder did see many issues during the initial stage of his professional life. However, things did look better afterwards. Before meeting Telli, he was in relationships with Helen Duncan and Jessica Scales-Wilder. Telli loves Deontay a lot. Hence, the relationship between both is going very well. She has also participated in reality shows with Deontay in the United States. 

Telli Swift: Professional Career

Swift is a well-known model in the United States. Indeed, Wilder’s aroma has helped her massively. However, she has worked hard to make her name on her own. 

Her reality show WAGS Atlanta has made her profile look just fantastic. Telli has also appeared in top fashion magazines. She does also work as a fashion designer very well.


Telli Swift
Telli Swift with her family

Telli Swift is a great inspiration to many young kids around the world. The way she conducts herself is just out of this world. Swift is a class of professionalism. 

Social Media 

Telli has over 544k followers on Instagram. On Twitter, she has over 8,000 followers. Telli loves to share her family life and professional work. Despite being too glamorous, she conducts herself in a down to earth way. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Telli is $2 million (US dollars). She has indeed made fortunes from her association with Deontay Wilder. 

Boyfriend – Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder is a former WBC heavyweight champion. At the 2008 Olympics, Deontay won the Bronze medal. Wilder is famous for his amazing punch power. He has lost just once in his professional career. On 22 February 2020, Tyson Fury outdid Wilder. It indeed ended his fearful persona to some extent. Many boxing pundits say that Deontay is the hardest heavyweight puncher of all time.     

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Daniela Basso: Bio, Actress, Raul Jimenez Girlfriend

Daniela Basso

Daniela Basso is indeed a well-known Mexican actress and model. She was born on 23 June 1989 in Tepeji, Mexico. Firstly, it shows her zodiac sign is Cancer. Secondly, it clears that her nationality is Mexican. Daniela is a part of Latino origins. She does believe in the Christian religion. Daniela Basso is the partner/girlfriend of famous football player Raul Jimenez.     

Daniela Basso: Physical Stats 

Super good-looking Daniela Basso stands 5 feet and 7 inches. Daniela’s job indeed leads her to stay fit always. Hence, she weighs around 56 kg. Her body measurements are 33-26-36 inches. Drown eyes and hair take her style to another level. Daniela’s feet size is 7 (US). Her dress size is 4 (US). Despite being an actress, she has not made any tattoo on her body. 

Daniela Basso: Children, Parents, Education 

Daniela Basso was born and bred in Tepeji, Mexico. She grew up with an elder sister named Jessica Basso. Jason Basso, Daniela’s father, was a local businessman in Taipei. Her mother, Jena Basso, served her purpose as a homemaker. Daniela Basso did her schooling from Melchor Ocampo School. She was indeed kind of an average student. However, her keen interest in learning the English language was huge. It did help her a lot in future. She then went to the University of Guadalajara for higher studies. 

Daniela Basso: Love Life, Partner, Kids

Daniela Basso has not married to Raul Jimenez yet. However, they do look inseparable. In July 2020, Daniela gave birth to a baby girl named Arya Jimenez. The couple has been living together since 2016. It was Raul who proposed Arya.

Daniela Basso
Daniela Basso with her husband

They met with the help of a common friend in 2015. Within two to three months, they became a pair. Daniela loves Raul a lot. She even moved to West Midlands, England, in 2018 with Raul. It shows the ultimate bond between both. 

Daniela Basso: Professional Career 

Basso started her career as an actress when she 19 years old. At that time, she was not getting high-profile shows. It took Daniela just four to five years for becoming a name in Mexico. She has also done several modelling projects in Mexico. One can connect her at Daniela’s long-term association with footballer Jimenez has helped her getting regular work. Football is the number one sport in Mexico. It tells everything about the name and fame of a footballer. Indeed, the very benefit has helped Daniela massively.    

Social Media   

Daniela is a huge name on social media. She has over 299k followers on Instagram. On Twitter, she has over 70.2K Followers. Daniela is indeed very much famous on Facebook too. She mostly shares her professional work and personal life on social media. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Daniela is $3 million (US dollars). It indeed shows her incredible learning capacity. Daniela can indeed be seen as a great inspiration to many girls. 

Husband – Raul Jimenez

Raul Jimenez is indeed one of the best footballers in Mexico history. He came from America’s youth academy, making his pro debut in 2011. Atletico Madrid did sign in 2014. However, he made his name at Wolverhampton Wanderers. The Mexican striker first joined Wolves in 2018. Raul made his debut for Mexico in 2013. 

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Emma Volkanovski: Bio, Age, Alexander Volkanovski Wife

Emma Volkanovski

Emma Volkanovski is a well-known Australian homemaker. She was born on 26 March 1990 in Shellharbour City Council, Australia. Therefore, it is widely clear that her zodiac sign is Aries. Emma indeed represents white ethnicity. Her nationality is Australian. However, the world knows Emma as the wife of Alexander Volkanovski.    

Emma Volkanovski: Physical Stats 

Blessed with amazing looks, Emma Volkanovski stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall. She has indeed pure looks of a model. Emma is a huge fitness freak. It has indeed helped her to maintain her robustness. Firstly, Emma weighs around 63 kg. Secondly, her body measurements are 36-38-36 inches. Dark brown eyes with blonde hair make her look even better. Emma’s feet size is 8 (US). However, her dress size is 6 (US). Emma does like tattoos. However, she is not too obsessed with it.   

Emma Volkanovski: Childhood, Parents, Education, Siblings  

Emma Volkanovski was born in Shellharbour City Council. However, she grew up in Sydney, Australia. Emma’s father, John Harris, is a farmer. Rose Harris, her mother, is also a farmer. Emma spent her childhood with two younger sisters named Jessica and Carmela Harris. The bond between the three sisters is indeed just amazing. She went to Cheltenham Girls High School. Emma’s keen interest in knowing the acts of the human brain led her to the University of Sydney. Hence, she earned a degree of B.Sc in Physiology.   

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Emma Volkanovski: Love Life, Children 

Alexander Volkanovski married Emma Volkanovski in May 2015. Despite being very famous, they welcomed limited numbers to the marriage ceremony. She used Harris surname before marrying Alexander. The lovely pair is blessed to have two daughters named Ariana and Airlie Volkanovski. The family do live in Australia.

Emma Volkanovski
Emma Volkanovski with her husband

However, they do visit the United States regularly. The Volkanovski family has adopted Boston a dog named Boston. Indeed, Boston is an important part of the family. 

Emma Volkanovski: Professional Career

Emma Volkanovski plays her role as a homemaker. Her husband’s job is very challenging. Hence, Emma has to handle everything with extra care. She has completely dedicated her life to her family. It shows how much she loves Alexander. Emma is indeed an inspiration to many women around the world. Alexander knows the value of his wife. Therefore, he does his best to put a smile on Emma’s face. Emma loves to travel a lot. Thus, one can see her visiting different places every year.      

Social Media

Emma does use social media. She likes to share her family life on Instagram. She has over 2,893 followers on Insta. Emma is a very down to earth lady. Hence, she has a limited following. 

Net Worth   

Emma does not do any professional job. Hence, one can’t calculate her net worth. However, her husband is a very rich person. He does earn in millions. 

Husband – Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski is one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever. He was born on 29 September 1988 in Shellharbour City Council, Australia. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has given him a great platform. Alexander is a world-class fighter. He is indeed known for his brutal speed.  

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Julia Nowak: Bio, Age, Jan Bednarek Girlfriend

Julia Nowak

Julia Nowak is a super famous WAG. However, she is a model and social media influencer first. Julia was born on 4 April 1994 in Słupca, Poland. First of all, it clears that her zodiac sign is Aries. Second of all, it shows that her nationality is Polish. Julia does believe in the Christian religion. However, she does not visit the Church on a regular basis. Julia Nowak is the girlfriend of Polish footballer Jan Bednarek.  

Julia Nowak: Physical Stats 

Julia Nowak
Girlfriend of Jan Bednarek

The soul mate of Bednarek is one of the most famous Polish models. Hence, it is obvious that she is too beautiful. Julia Nowak stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall. Julia does maintain her fitness very well. Therefore, she weighs mostly around 47 kg. Hazel eyes with blonde hair take her to look to another level. Julia’s body measurements are 32-26-32 inches. Her feet size is 6 (US). Julia is a decent lover of tattoos. Thus, she has made some beautiful ones on your body. 

Julia Nowak: Children, Parents, Education 

Nowak grew up in Słupca, Poland. Parents of Julia, Andrzej and Katarzyna Nowak, took care of their beloved child very well. Julia feels great to grow up with a younger brother named Tomasz Nowak. She went to Przedszkole nr 2 “Miś” Oddział Zamiejscowy for earning basic education. However, her keen interest was always in modelling. Thus, she never took academics very seriously.  

Julia Nowak: Love Life

Julia Nowak is a long-term girlfriend of Jan Bednarek. They met at a very young age. Within weeks, then-super young pair started the love life. Bednarek joined Southampton in 2017. At that time, Julia moved with Jan. Therefore, they do live in Southampton. A French Bulldog is another member of their beautiful family. Julia loves Jan a lot. She only sees her future with the Polish star. 

Julia Nowak: Professional Career 

Julia Nowak is a shining modelling name in Poland. However, she is also now famous in other European nations. Julia’s association with Bednarek has helped her to make a decent market. Despite being a model, she works properly at home.

Julia Nowak
Jan Bednarek with his soul mate

It has indeed helped Bednarek to feel comfortable in England. Julia does work for top Polish magazines. She also does many creative photoshoots. Julia is an example of hard work for the modern-day generation. She has indeed made her profile just perfect. Indeed, her looks can captivate any soul massively. 

Social Media 

Julia has over 98.9k followers on Instagram. She has also made an Insta account of her dog. Julia’s social media handles are indeed all about her family and professional life.

Net Worth

Julia’s net worth is $1.3 million (USD). Indeed, she is working on a very sensible track. 

Husband Jan Bednarek

Jan Bednarek is a well-known Polish central defender. He came from the youth system of Lech Poznan. Bednarek made his debut for Poland in 2017. Before joining Southampton in 2017, he played for Lech Poznan and Gornik Leczna. Bednarek has indeed made a name in Poland. Many Premier League fans do regard him very much around the world. For betting lovers, he is a fine player to invest. 

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Annekee Molenaar: Bio, Model, Matthijs de Ligt Girlfriend

Annekee Molenaar

Annekee Molenaar is a super famous Dutch model. Born on 14 September 1999 in Zaandam, Netherlands, Annekee’s zodiac sign is indeed Virgo. She represents Dutch nationality and follows the Christian religion. Annekee Molenaar is the girlfriend of Dutch football player Matthijs de Ligt.  

Annekee Molenaar: Physical Stats 

Truly, it feels as Annekee Molenaar can captivate any soul in this world. She stands 5 feet and 10 inches (178). She weighs around 59 kg mostly. Her body measurements are 34-26-36 inches. The combination of green eyes and blonde hair indeed make her look just perfect. Annekee’s shoe size is 41 (Europe). Despite being a modern-day model, she does like making tattoos. 

Annekee Molenaar: Parents, Siblings, Education  

Annekee Molenaar was born in a very decent family. Kees ‘Keje’ Molenaar, her father, is a retired professional footballer. He had considerable success as a Dutch football player. Hence, the family didn’t face major financial challenges. 

Her younger brother Jip Molenaar is also a footballer. She did her schooling from Waldorf School. In an interview, Annekee said she was not good academically. However, she was the best in extracurricular activities. It shows a key reason behind her professional career.  

Annekee Molenaar: Boyfriend, Love Life 

Matthijs de Ligt first dated Annekee Molenaar in 2018. The Dutch star dated Annekee months after parting ways with his former girlfriend. Matthijs joined Juventus in 2019. Hence, he had to move to Turin, Italy. Subsequently, Annekee had to join him in Turin. However, she keeps on going back and forth from Italy to Holland.

Annekee Molenaar
Annekee Molenaar with her boyfriend

Matthijs loves Annekee a lot. Even his social media accounts validate the same picture. Annekee and Matthijs have adopted two beautiful dogs named Cara Luna and Bella. Matthijs indeed does his best to make Annekee’s life better in every sense. 

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Annekee Molenaar: Professional Career 

Annekee Molenaar has used Matthijs de Ligt’s profile very well. She now has a huge social media following. It has indeed helped her to become a well-known name. Annekee has everything to look like the perfect model. She has worked for some top fashion magazines like F-magazine and Vogue. It clearly shows her impact in Europe.

Annekee is a very smart lady. She knows when to take what step. Hence, Matthijs does respect her a lot. Annekee does her best to make the life of Matthijs better. She also played a huge role to make him settle in Turin. 

Social Media    

Annekee Molenaar has over 445k followers on Instagram. Her Insta account is all about family and professional life. Annekee has indeed used every element to make a name on social media. She does have a private Twitter account.

Net Worth

The net worth of Annekee is $3 million (USD). Annekee’s net worth can motivate many young girls around the world. She also does a lot of charity work. Indeed, not many do help the unprivileged section.  

Boyfriend Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt is a Dutch professional footballer. The Dutch international plays as the central defender. He came from Ajax’s youth structure. In 2016, he made his professional debut for Ajax. Matthijs led Ajax to win the Dutch top-flight in 2019. He also led the club to the Champions League semis in the 2018-19 season. Hence, Juventus signed him in 2019. In 2017, he made his first appearance for the Netherlands.    

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Kelly Kelly Bio: Age, Social Media, Net Worth, Sheldon Souray Wife

Kelly Kelly is a super famous professional wrestler model, actress, and reality television personality from the United States of America.

She was born on 15 January 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Her birth (zodiac) sign is Capricorn. She represents Jewish and Christian roots. Her former husband Sheldon Souray is a retired professional ice hockey defenceman. 

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Kelly Kelly (Barbara Blank): Physical Stats   

Kelly Kelly is five feet and six inches. She weighs around 64 kg (141 lbs). Her body measurements are 37-24-36 inches. Her Bra Size/Breast is 36B. Barbara Blank’s dress size is 6 (US).

Her body is super glamorous and slim. She has beautiful blonde hair and classical hazel eyes. Her looks have the power to captivate even a dead person.

Kelly Kelly (Barbara Blank): Family Life, Childhood, and More! 

Kelly Kelly has been following professional wrestling since her childhood days. Stone Cold Steve Austin is her favorite wrestler. Barbara Blank was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, US. Ron Blank is her handsome father. Robin Blank is her lovely mother.

Kelly’s father is Jewish. Her mother follows the Christian religion. Barbara holds a journalism degree. She wanted to become a television anchor. She had her first (public) relationship with Andrew Martin, who is a professional wrestler.

The lovely tie up ended in March 2009 as Andrew left this life. It was indeed a hard time for Barbara Blank. In 2011, she met an ice hockey player named Sheldon Souray at a Maxim party.

They started to date and got married on 27 February 2016. The marriage ceremony happened in Mexico. A year later, in 2017, the couple took a divorce. Barbara is Sheldon’s second wife. From 2002 to 2007, he lived with Angelica Bridges, a famous American actress. She is single at the moment and can take a big step to start another relationship in her outstanding life.  

Kelly Kelly (Barbara Blank): Professional Life! 

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly learned treads of gymnastics when she was a schoolgirl. She had her involvement with gymnastics for 10 years or so. Before coming to WWE, she was a fine bikini model. She joined the developmental territories of WWE in 2006. She was a very quick learner with amazing looks.

It gave her a fantastic run in WWE. From 2006 to 2009, she was cover girl ECW and Extreme Exposé. In the 2011-12 season, she was named the Davis Champion. It was just a great moment for her as she wanted to become a WWE champion. She was a perfect WWE diva.

 Her looks are just out of this world. She can also perform very well as a wrestler. In 2017, She made her WWE return. However, she doesn’t appear on a regular basis as now it is more than just divas. She can still work well for WWE. But having Mandy Rose and other sizzling wrestlers didn’t give her a fair chance.

However, her contribution to making the WWE women’s division better is something to admire for the WWE wrestlers and fans. She appeared on many television shows. One can look her on the following series: Throw It on Me, Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, Soccer AM, WWE Tough Enough, The Price Is Right, 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards, WAGS LA, Days of Our Lives, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Disturbing the Peace.    

(Barbara Blank): Social Media! 

She has more than 698 followers on Twitter and more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Her following on Facebook is also huge. She has her dedicated fan base. They all love her a lot and feel happy to see the latest projects.   

Net Worth

Kelly’s net worth is more than $2 million (dollars). She has gained most of her money from her wrestling and modelling projects. She has a bright future and holds every possibility to earn even more.   

Husband Sheldon Souray

Sheldon Souray is National Hockey League (NHL) legend. The Canadian ice hockey player represented for New Jersey Devils, Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers, Hershey Bears, Dallas Stars, and Anaheim Ducks. He played from 1995 to 2013.

Sheldon Souray was the pick of every betting lover during his playing days. Sheldon Souray is one of the best defencemen of his generation. Indeed, the NHL fans still miss him a lot.