Galina Becker Wiki: Job, Daughter, Profession, Husband, Roman Reigns Wife

galina becker and roman reigns

Galina Becker is a model, athlete, and fitness trainer from the United States of America. She was born on 11 March 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Galina Becker represents African-American roots (ethnicity).

 She follows the Christian religion. Her husband Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi, commonly known as Roman Reigns, is a famous professional wrestler from America.  

Galina Becker: Physical Stats 

Galina Becker’s height is five feet and seven inches tall. She weighs around 60 to 62 kg. Her body measurements are 34-27-34 inches. Her bra size is 34B.

 Galina Becker has outstanding black hair and mesmerizing brown eyes. Her eyes give her a perfect look. It can captivate many in this brick-and-mortar world. 

Galina Becker: Family Life and More! 

Galina Becker was born in Jacksonville, Florida, the United States of America. She was raised in San Francisco. Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker are her beautiful sisters. The three of them pushed each other well for having successful professional careers. Undine Becker was one of the best runners at Stanford University. Galina Becker did her schooling from San Jose, California.

She completed her higher studies from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Galina perused Management Studies from the Georgia Institute of Technology, US. Galina lived a decent life – but she thinks that the African-American community should mostly act in a sensible manner to provide a light at the end of the tunnel for many kids in Africa who can take hard work as an example to have a good and ethical future.


This is the main reason behind Galina’s never saying die attitude. Galina Becker was one of the best students, who take sports actively, at her school and university. Her teachers still picture her career as a pathway to show many a good future and vision to the young kids. In December 2014, Anoaʻi married Galina Joelle Becker. They have a beautiful daughter named Joelle. She was born in June 2014. In 2016 and 2002, Galina gave birth to twins each time. 

Galina Becker: Professional Life! 

Galina Becker is a famous model, athlete, and fitness trainer. Steve Nelson trained her during her high school days. Nelson believes that Galina has a natural gift of athleticism and endurance. It makes her a very sound fitness athlete and fitness trainer. During her university days, she broke many records.

Athletic abilities are in her blood as most of the members of her family have had made their involvement in the failure of athletics. In the 100-meter high hurdles, she made a record of the best time of 14.92.

This record was made at the Georgia Tech Invitational in the 2005-06 season. At the ACC Outdoor Championships, she finished on the 13th and 15th spot in the long jump and triple jump. After completing her studies, she made a career as a fitness model. Her hard work and dedication made her one of the best fitness models in the USA. She has done many fitness-related photoshoots with a famous photographer named Michael Krinke.

Her husband has a great fitness level. It helps him to tackle many health problems. Galina Becker has done a great job with her career and can do better in the future too. Indeed, a perfect inspiration to follow.    

Galina Becker: Social Media! 

Galina Becker has more than 900 followers on Instagram and more than 50 followers on Twitter. She has a Facebook profile too. Galina Becker likes to share her family life and professional work with her social media friends.

Galina likes to live a very simple life. Thus, she doesn’t crave for having big social media following.    

Net Worth 

Galina Becker’s net worth is more than $3 million at present. She has gained big sums from her industrious and unsung work in the field of fitness. Her husband also provides her a great financial backing for investing in wise brands.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns’ net worth is more than $15 million at the moment. Galina and Roman have sufficient money to live a very sound life. 

  • Galina Becker’s Husband Joe Anoaʻi (Roman Reigns)! 

Joe Anoaʻi (Roman Reigns) is a modern-day professional wrestler. He is one of the best World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestlers at the moment. For betting lovers, he is a perfect player to invest in.

Joe Anoaʻi is doing a great job and holds every single chance of becoming one of the best of all time. Roman has Leukaemia many times and can do in the future too as he is a real-life hero.

Brynn Cameron | Age, Life, Husband, Boyfriend & More

Brynn Cameron bio

Brynn Cameron, who hails from the United States of America, is a former basketball professional. She is famously known as the ex-fiance of a famous basketball star Blake Griffin. She was born on 8 July 1986 in Van Nuys, California, USA. 

Brynn Cameron: Hobbies and Much More! 

Cycling, Travelling and Surfing are Brynn Cameron’s hobbies. Her favourite destination is London, the capital of England. Johnny Depp, one of the best actors in the history of film-making, is Brynn’s most-loved actor. Her favourite actress is the style queen and the ultimate beauty of the US – Angelina Jolie. She is a prominent fan of different varieties of food. She is also a pretentious fan of pats. Food is a huge part of life. 


Brynn Cameron: Family & Academics

Her nickname is Brynn. She did her schooling from Newbury Park. Brynn Cameron completed her college degree from the University of Southern California (USC). Stan and Cathy Cameron are Brynn’s parents. Jordan Cameron, Emily Monroy, Colby Cameron are her siblings. Brynn Cameron is a mother of four kids. Finley Elaine Griffin, Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, Cole Cameron Leinart are the names of her beloved children. Brynn Cameron met Blake Griffin in 2009.

They started to date. Four years later, they had their first baby Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin on 1 August 2013. In September 2016, they had their second baby Finley Elaine Griffin. Everything was going all moonlight and roses for the couple. They were planning their long-term future: where the kids will study and all. However, Blake Griffin had some different plans which changed the future of many. In 2018, Brynn filled the case against Blake Griffin as something was cooking between Blake and Kendall Jenner. After studying the case from every single angle, the Supreme Court of Los Angeles made it clear that the NBA star has to pay $ 250,000 as a part of the penalty. The Court also ordered Griffin to give a five-bedroom house to Brynn in Manhattan Beach. The time was utterly tenebrous for Brynn, who was planning a happy life with her then-future husband and kids.  

Brynn Cameron: Physical Stats   

Brynn Cameron is a beautiful white woman. Her eye color is black. Cameron’s hair color is also black. She stands five feet and nine inches tall. Her weight nearly stays around about 69 kg. Brynn Cameron is quite rich. His net worth, as of now, is $30 million. With this money, many can leave a beautiful and smart living in the United States of America. 

Brynn Cameron: Social Media

America’s Brynn Cameron is a somewhat big fan of social media. You can see her daily activates on her social media accounts. She is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can see her passion and love for basketball on her social media accounts.   

Kendall Jenner: A dark symbol in Brynn Cameron’s life! 

Kendall Jenner is a too famous media personality, socialite, and model in the USA and around the world. Her sisters Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian are also very famous worldwide. You can see one of the sisters every day on Television in America. According to many reports, Kendall Jenner’s new boyfriend is Devin Booker, who is also a famous basketball player in America. Kendall Jenner had a relationship with basketball player Blake Griffin. Jenner and Griffin had some precious time together. Her glamorous and sexy approach captivated Griffin to a dark world. Kendall Jenner’s attraction was the key reason behind the separation of a beautiful couple. It was not the mistake of Kendall. Blake Griffin went on in her chase.

He made Brynn Cameron’s life venerable. Many of Blake Griffin fans hate Kendall Jenner for seducing their beloved star in her hot attraction. Due to this episode, the NBA fans saw a great dip in Blake Griffin’s from who was fantastic well before the arrival of Kendall Jenner. Many Devin Booker fans also feel terrified as the Phoenix Suns’ sensation has diverted his mind may be in a very wrong direction. Kendall Jenner is just in her 20s – but her boyfriend list is something wonderful for some and disasters for others.

Life gives us every chance to spend our life with just one mate. But for many, that doesn’t seem the perfect way to flow the cycle of life. Kendall Jenner can be innocent in this case. But even unknowingly, she has done an unforgettable howler from the angle of Brynn Cameron. Brynn had some dreams for coming 10 to 20 years. Many of them can’t become a magnificent reality now. Indeed, Brynn Cameron’s life is somewhat hard to understand.


Brynn Cameron is a former basketball player. At a very young age, she found basketball as a great method to enjoy her life with friends in a classical way. Her school coaches were hugely exceptional admirers of her ability to play basketball in a fine fashion. With her dedication and hard work, she managed to break every single wall and became a professional. When it comes to becoming a pro, many tries, but don’t manage to become a superstar.

Brynn Cameron was a fantastic school level player, college-level player, and pro-level athlete. In a competitive nation like the United States of America, it’s indeed a hard job to find a place in any sector. You can imagine the industrious effort of Brynn Cameron to make her career look as good as an apple pie. True basketball fans know Brynn Cameron for her unforgettable contribution to make women’s basketball look somewhat better for the women, who don’t earn as good as the male superstars of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Even without the financial backing from anybody else, she can manage to do well her life. This is something we can learn from her journey. Self-dependency is the best policy to lead humans to the vessel of glory in any field. With a shadow of a doubt, Brynn Cameron is the perfect example of it. Her personal life saw some big turns. However, the same is not the case in her great professional career.