Best Jobs for Retired Athletes

Athletes develop a specific set of skills and they use them not only while they are playing but throughout their lives. This skill set offers them an advantage in several jobs, making these some of the best jobs for a retired athlete. As sports are hard on the body they often retire earlier than other careers, and this can put them in an ideal situation to build a second career.

Sports Announcer

Retired athletes are well-positioned to become sports announcers. They understand the rules and nuances of the sport and the mindset of the athletes, as well as a familiar knowledge of many of the players through networking and events. They can help the average viewer to learn about the sport as they watch and also provide reliable commentary for those who are involved fans or other retired athletes. 


Several retired athletes are able to build successful careers in coaching. They can coach professional teams or they may coach college or other school teams. While high school sports may not have the pay or the status of college or professional sports, but they can help to form the up and coming athletes and encourage them to pursue both academics and sports, or to try for scholarships and other opportunities, and help to form their future and the future of the professional teams as well.


This is a more limited opportunity than some other choices, as it is also necessary to be able to write well and have the skills of a journalist, however with more movement towards online and blogs there are growing opportunities for those who want to build a career writing, reporting on, commenting on, or even creating fan pages for different sports. A retired athlete can find an editor and perhaps a website builder and build a second career reporting on the sports that they have invested so much time into. 

Scout or Recruiter

A retired athlete is in an ideal position to become a scout or recruiter. This does not just apply to sports or teams, but a recruiter for any type of business. They are able to see what a person has to offer and see their strengths and weaknesses in a short amount of time, and the personality formed around their career has taught them to interact with the public well and can make decisions in the moment. 

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists work with those who have injuries to help them to heal and regain as much movement after injury. With their previous experience with injury both to themselves and to teammates they have the ideal skill set to relate to patients and to empathize with them. That’s why personal training in Endeavour Hills is becoming more popular for retired athletes. Having the ability to help the next generation of athletes, can help keep retired athletes in the game! They understand how the body works, how muscles and joints are damaged and the pain that causes. 

Being a retired athlete does not mean that there is no second chance, there are many great careers that can be formed after retiring from any sport. Many of these choices will allow them to rest their bodies and avoid further injury, while still earning money and in some cases helping to form the future of sports.

5 Viable Activities to Take Part in Your Own Free Time

The most vital currency in the lives of many people is not money – it is definitely time. Structuring your day and building time affluence to have enough free time will improve your wellbeing and life satisfaction.

However, the only problem is that most individuals spend their free time in a way that doesn’t make them happy. Basically, happiness is linked to your professional success.

Leisure time doesn’t enhance the quality of life unless you learn how to use it properly by considering some of the following activities:

1.      Read a Great Book

Reading needs to be your go-to routine when you have all the time in your hands. Normally, reading can expand your knowledge and update you with some new development in your own career.

Without forgetting, the knowledge and news you gain can make you an interesting individual at social gatherings and parties.

Use your free time to learn. It can help you personally and professionally. Remember also come up with a free-time reading list you can refer to every time you have several hours to spare.

2.      Enroll in a Class

Education doesn’t end at college and shouldn’t be limited to learning institutions. The most successful individuals globally make commitments to continue learning. They always learn new aspects of the entire world revolving around them and incorporate new skills in their resumes.

An instructional course is easy to find, especially with modern technology. Most local learning institutions provide courses for free, and you may go through different gatherings or forums to get an impromptu group workshop.

If you can access the internet and have an hour to spare, you may begin learning some new skills and knowledge.

3.      Go Fishing

Most old folks regard fishing as a way of being happy and healthy. If you look at fishing during prehistoric times, you will realize that it was among the few ways for people to survive.

In the modern world, where everything fishing gears are available in stores, such as Melton International Tackle, people still consider angling the best pastime. This is because it helps to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Improve self-fulfillment
  • Pay tribute to the nature
  • Enhance social bonding

4.      Perform Slam Poetry

If traditional rhymes are not what you love, consider slam poetry instead. Typically, slam poetry is meant to be spoken and is more visceral in content, usually used as a way to vent about personal milestones, political issues, and humanitarian injustices.

When it comes to syntax and style, it is also flexible. You may use rhyme if you like, though it is not a must you do so.

5.      Bake or Cook

Pick your old trusty cookbook or look for a new recipe online to cook and bake something delicious. This is an excellent way to spend your time productively, and it will ensure you end up with delicious treats to munch.

Even when you’re a first-time cooker or baker, you can still try your hand and determine if it’s something you may enjoy.

Concluding Remarks!

If mindlessly scrolling through different social media platforms and binge-watching TV becomes the major ways to spend your own free time, then it would be high time to think of mixing your routine.

Besides, there will always be life beyond people’s pictures and the latest shows. Though this is not to mean that you organize your pantry and clean the garage when you’re free.