How to Utilize College in Your Social Media Content

Photo posts on Facebook have an incredible 53% more likes and 104% more comments than text posts, according to Hubspot. If you’re still not convinced about photos and videos, check out your next Google search. It’s bound to show you its top results as videos and images. People want images which is great news for anyone trying to grow their online presence. That’s because it’s so straightforward to use a collage maker online like Promo. Moreover, they have an amazing free platform for you to try out.

Planning before using your Collage Maker Online

Before you make a photo collage, it’s useful to first have a bit of a plan rather than just dive into your project. This will help you get the right images and you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals.

  • Know your Audience and Purpose
  • What’s your Call To Action?
  • Develop a story
  • Enhance with features and effects

Know your Audience and Purpose

One of your first questions could be: are you making a photo collage for your friends or for social media ads? You might be more relaxed when using your collage maker online if it’s just to have some creative fun for your friends. On the other hand, editing photo collages for ads involves a bit more planning.

In that case, what demographics does your ideal follower or potential customer have? Moreover, what social media platform do they prefer? So, do you need to target Facebook or Instagram or one of the other channels with your beautiful photo collages? You’ll also want to optimize your collages so that people can easily find your images on the web. After all, creating ads for social media is about pulling people to your channel and website.

What’s your Call To Action?

People are more likely to remember your photo collage if there’s a clear message and action step for them. For instance, do you want them to sign up to your channel or newsletter? Perhaps you’re trying to direct them to your website? Whatever it is, make them want to come to you.

Develop a Story

Stories are powerful ways to connect to people on a deeper emotional level. Furthermore, images portray stories and emotions very effectively. Essentially, most people remember images more easily than text although sometimes, it’s also valuable to combine both. Don’t forget that you can also easily add text with your collage maker online if that’s what you feel you need to enhance your message.

Enhance with Features and Effects

Even a free online collage maker has some fun features and basic editing effects for you to use thanks to its photo editor options. You’ll first start with choosing from one of the many collage templates though, usually with a grid layout. Once you’ve chosen, you then drag and drop your photos into the grid so that you can edit the overall output. After that, it’s simple to customize and add a sticker, a filter or fun fonts as well as altering the background and colors if you wish.

Using your Collage Maker Online for Social Media

Now that you know who you’re targeting with your collage maker, how can you best use it? Let’s have a look at some ways you can create your photo collage post:

  • Teach, share and promote 
  • Event hype and Engage with your community
  • Be proud of your values and culture
  • Boast your contest winners
  • Stand out with unique images

Teach, Share and Promote

Photo collages are particularly useful because you can put together several images with your collage maker. Whilst that might sound obvious, it can be great for showing various angles of a new product, for example. Another approach is to arrange your images into your layouts such that they follow the key steps for people to follow for using your product. Not only can this help you promote what you offer but it’s also a simple way to engage with your followers.

Event Hype and Engage with your community

Perhaps you provide a service or you organize many events? So, rather than just showing ads with your collage maker, you can create fun photo collages that promote and build hype around your events. Whether they’re online or offline, people love getting together and it’s the perfect way to connect and bond. 

Values and Culture

No one wants to see a pushy sales pitch in a post. On the contrary, people want to feel that they belong to communities and that they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves. You can therefore make them feel connected and part of something special thanks to your photo collage maker. Through those images you can showcase what you stand for as well as who you are.

Boast your Contest Winners

Another powerful way to engage with your community is to organize competitions. People love winning things and you can create a whole story around your contests. Then, it’s simple to upload a photo collage that shows the winners and what they actually won. The best part is that those people are highly likely to share your post.

Stand Out

With so many images on the web these days, you want to make sure that anything you’re creating with your collage maker actually grabs attention. That’s why you should leverage the editing function and include bright colors, graphics and any other effects. Although, it’s also important to have eye-catching images. Perhaps you can do some unique close-ups, add crazy patterns into your background or include some humorous animal takes, for example?

Parting Words on Using a Collage Maker Online

Social media is an incredible platform to get your brand and name out there. Then again, you need to do a bit of planning first to make sure that you have a targeted approach. No one wants to get lost in the crowds. Although, that’s why you leverage your collage maker to make your unique images stand out and look even more amazing. Then, make sure your story and call to action are clear and you’ll easily meet your goals of growing your online presence.

What Does Overall Wellness Mean For You ?

Overall wellness and health has been the most focused aspect of living a happy and satisfied life. For many people, wellness means maintaining physical health, mental health, doing training, eating healthy but the true meaning of wellness is pursuing the holistic approach toward emotional balance, stress free and quality of life so that you can achieve true happiness. There are many aspects of getting it, including doing exercise, eating healthy diets, living in a stress free and pollution free environment, and many more. The article exposes some of the healthy food habits which can help you to live the life of its best. 

Healthy Habits For Overall Wellness:

Ensure your physical and mental health just by incorporating some of these healthy habits. 

  • Peanut butter:Though peanut butter is quite popular among the children and adults because of its taste, it has a wide range of health benefits if selected the right one. In the market, there are numerous brands of peanut butter but all are not great. Many of them don’t qualify for the health standard. Once you have chosen the right supplement, you can enjoy it with milk shake, spreading over bread, and various other methods. Peanut butter priceis very competitive as multiple brands are in the market to win the consumers. A premium quality peanut butter consists of protein, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B -6, zinc, and many more. If you are looking for weight management, boosting your heart health, supporting bodybuilding, muscle recovery, managing blood sugar levels, you can choose it as your health partner. 
  • Muesli: Looking for a nutritious punch in your diet, choosing muesli is the best idea. With the nutrients like vitamin E, vitamin B-12, vitamin C, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and others, muesli increases your diet’s nutritive value. Basically, it consists of fruits, oats, dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, flex, whole grains, berries, wheat flakes, and others that keeps you healthier. It is known as the king of breakfast and healthier cereals. You can take it with yogurt, milk, and fruit juice to leverage its taste and nutritious value. This is why you feel fuller for longer time, great digestive tracts, live a more satisfying day, better blood flow and absorption, and many more. 
  • Oats: One of the healthiest grains in the world that are great sources of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is made of gluten free whole grains used in granola bars, cookies, muffins, and others. There are different types of oats, including steel cut oats, rolled, crushed, and instant oats that are known for their different texture and health benefits. People use it with milk and pour fruits, nuts and seeds in it to increase the taste and nutritional value. With the nutrient composition, oats consist of manganese, protein, fiber, fats, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, folate, vitamin B 1, vitamin B 5, and many more. Include oats as healthy eating habits while thinking of breakfast or snacks. 
  • Daily exercises: To live a healthy lifestyle, working out on a daily basis is quite fruitful. When we talk about exercise, we think of healthy training, weight lifting, running miles, and others but to achieve overall wellness, light exercises on a daily basis play an important role. There are many yoga, meditation, and stretching exercises that can help you to get better health without bearing much pain in your body. You can play sports, swim, and go to the gym to get a fit lifestyle. All these physical activities can lead you to healthy weights, reduced risk of heart attack, maintained blood pressure, stronger bones, muscles, joints, and others. 


Wellness is one important aspect of life that motivates us to live a happy life with less exposure to infections and diseases. People forget this very important factor while chasing their dreams. No matter how big a dream you have, nothing can be bigger than your health. Don’t allow anything else to compromise your wellness; it is the secret of happiness. By incorporating these healthy habits, you can ensure your path toward happiness. 

What is Pro Kabaddi League and How to Play?

Watched the pro Kabaddi league on TV when you were a kid? Kabaddi fans cannot afford to miss the exciting pro Kabaddi fantasy leagues on television. There is now a pro kabaddi fantasy league for you to play.

As with kabaddi leagues we see on television, the rules of pro kabaddi fantasy league are similar to those. KhelChamps has a kabaddi tab that you can easily access to become familiar with the pro kabaddi fantasy games.

How to Play Pro Kabaddi league?

It has its roots in ancient Indian and South Asian cultures. Kabaddi is an easy-to-learn contact sport with a rich history dating back millennia. A Kabaddi match consists of two halves of twenty minutes each between two teams of seven players each. It is a game in which players from each team run cross court to the other team’s half and tag members of their team, then run back to their respective teams. Whenever they tag more opposing team members, they score more points, but if they are stopped from crossing back to the opposing team, they do not score!

Rules and prizes for the Pro Kabaddi League?

As with Pro Kabaddi Games, the Pro Kabaddi League follows the same rules. It allows players to invest in their favorite players online and win money by choosing the best scorers on their pro kabaddi fantasy teams.

The more you play in fantasy leagues involving pro kabaddi, the better your chances of winning. Selecting multiple teams (up to six) increases your odds of winning money. You have until reorganizing the teams before the pro kabaddi league starts.

Here are some rules for pro kabaddi league:

1.    If the toss is won, the winning team may choose the court or raid, and the losing team has the remaining choice. The court shall be changed for the second half and the team that did not select a raider shall send him or her first. As at the end of the first half, the number of players should remain the same for the second half.

2.    Any part of the body touching outside the court (outside any end line) shall be declared out. If a player’s entire body is out of the court during struggle and no part of the player is in contact with the court, including the lobby, the player is declared out.

3.    During the struggle, as well as after the struggle, the court shall include all lobbies in the raid. There are lobbies in each side of the court that the players can use to enter their respective sides. Only the half court side of the defending team will be governed by this rule.

4.    “KABADDI” is the approved cant that raiders will chant.

The opponent will receive one point and the opportunity to raid if the opponent does not have the proper cant on their court while he is declared out. A person cannot be pursued for such crimes under such circumstances.

When does the Pro Kabaddi League starts?

In 2014, a professional league for kabaddi was launched. A pro Kabaddi league includes teams from various parts of India. As of today, Patna Pirates are the only pro kabaddi league team to win so many titles.

As of 2019, the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League has ended. Last year’s championship was won by the Bengal Warriors. The dates for this year’s Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League have not yet been announced. KhelChamps will announce the dates soon, and you can bet on your favorite pro kabaddi fantasy champion.

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

The online version of Kabaddi, India’s most popular sport, is called Fantasy Kabaddi. Since it is a contact sport, playing it requires quick reactions and a strong sense of speed. In addition, BalleBaazi includes a new app that lets you create a Fantasy Kabaddi squad on-the-go, so you’ll never have to worry about assembling your team when you’re on the go.

In Fantasy Kabaddi, each team gets a Captain & Vice Captain. It is normal for the captain and vice-captain to be selected as the captain and vice-captain respectively, since the captain receives double the fantasy points he scores in games, while the vice-captain receives 1.5 times.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Kabaddi Online

It is simply impossible to describe the joy of playing online fantasy Kabaddi because the concept of fantasy allows anyone to be engaged and close to a sport they absolutely adore. BalleBaazi also offers fantasy kabaddi. A few of the most significant benefits are as follows:

1.    Play fantasy kabaddi to get closer to the real thing

2.    Learn about a sport and earn money by utilizing your skills and knowledge

3.    Get a daily fantasy kabaddi account today and stop wasting time in useless debates

4.    Play daily on BalleBaazi to improve your knowledge and skill of fantasy kabaddi

5.    We at BalleBaazi provide our players with the BB rewards store that allows them to win no matter what they do on kabaddi online fantasy.

6.    We are offering BalleBaazi fantasy kabaddi players a chance to be featured on our social media pages.

Online 3 Patti: Complete Guide

The gambling card game Ten Patti is a popular game in South Asia and originated on the Indian subcontinent and now you can play it online called online 3 patti. Poker and three-card brag were influenced by each other in the origin of the game. Some areas also refer to it as flash or flush.

In addition to being closely tied to Hindu celebrations, Teen Patti is also a social game and also played by people as online 3 patti. Diwali is the most common time to hear this song.

In this category, playing cards are used in all traditional and game-specific playing card games.

Depending on the type of game (such as poker, online 3 patti), card games can be divided into families. There are international tournaments for some card games played with traditional decks, but the majority of games are folk games based on cultures, regions, and individuals.

Cards normally come in packs of the same size and shape, making a card game easier to play. A card’s back is in addition to its face. Card backs and fronts cannot normally be distinguished. A unique face can exist, or duplicates can exist. The players know what each deck consists of. Several decks can be found in some packs and shoes.

Games involving playing cards exploit the fact that each player knows only what cards he or she holds, as playing cards are only able to be seen from one side. Card games, therefore, can be characterized as both games of chance and games of “imperfect information”-as opposed to games of strategy or perfect information, in which players are aware of their current position at all times. Card games are used in many games that don’t normally fit into that category.

In some cases, board games are considered to be card games. In most card games, players use cards to keep score (the board is merely used for placing cards), and in board games (the leading non-tash game genres to make use of cards), the cards are usually used for referring to players’ positions on the board.

Betting in Online 3 Patti

(The pot) usually consists of an ante or boot amount. The player next to the dealer then begins to bet.

Loose Versus Tight Play

A player’s looseness or tightness in Online 3 Patti relates to his or her tendency to play hands beyond the first round or to fold them quickly. Tight players often fold weak hands, while loose players bet more on weak hands and put them to the test all the way to showdown.

Ranking of Hands

Online 3 Patti can be played two ways. By using a 52-card deck and by including two Jokers as wild cards, one or both methods can be used. To win the game, you need to beat your opponents’ three-card hand and maximize your pot before the showdown. In poker, hands of higher categories always beat hands of lower categories. No matter which of the two players called for the showdown, the pot will be split between the two. A variation where suits are ranked awards the pot to the player with the highest suit.


Below are descriptions of the different combinations of ranking probabilities. There are no two Joker cards in 52-card 3 Patti and online 3 patti, so it does not have these probabilities. Most notably for pairs, the probability changes greatly in Joker versions.

A deck of 52 cards consists of 52 cards. As long as all three cards are combined correctly, it does not matter how the cards are arranged.

High- Low split

A player with the best traditional hand wins the whole pot in both traditional Teen Patti and online 3 Patti games. The lowest hand wins the pot in lowball variations. Players with the best traditional hand (called the high hand) and the player with the best low hand split the pot in high-low split games. Unlike lowball or traditional poker, there may be multiple players left in play at “show” as opposed to the lowball version where usually there is just one remaining. A player can opt out from betting by folding if there are no sideshows. It is typical to have three or four rounds of mutually agreed-upon betting before the showdown, without any player opting out. Furthermore, betting is limited to six to ten rounds, after which there is a mandatory showdown.

High-low split games can be played in two ways: through declarations and through cards. Declaration games require players to declare either their high hand or their low hand (either verbally or by means of chips). Lowest hand among those declaring low wins half of the pot, and highest hand among those declaring high wins half of the pot. Card speak is a game where all players reveal their cards at show and then evaluate their hands; both high and low hands share the pot equally.

How To Build A Strong Criminal Defense Case In 5 Easy Steps?

A criminal charge or lawsuit can cause you more than just your peace of mind. It can tarnish your personal and family reputation, lead to termination of employment and result in imprisonment. Any criminal lawsuit should be dealt with the utmost care and caution. 

Whether you are guilty or not, you need to understand that criminal lawsuits can swing either way. Even if you are innocent but are not being able to prove your innocence, the jury can pronounce you guilty. 

Creating a strong criminal defense lawsuit requires a lot of effort, time, energy, and money. When things like freedom and reputation are on the line, you cannot afford to be complacent as far as your lawsuit goes. 

In this article, we speak to a leading criminal defense lawyer in Tampa. We ask him to underlie some major factors and processes that can help build a strong criminal defense case. 

List of 5 Easy Steps that can help build a strong Criminal Defense Case

Step 1- Hire the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

A strong and solid criminal lawsuit requires the best legal expert to help you out. Make sure you are selecting someone who is experienced and has a proven track record. Check for online reviews and ratings and also take help in the form of physical references. Make sure to clarify all your doubts and ask questions that you feel are relevant and helpful in the case at hand. 

Step 2- Go over all the Legal Options and Discourses with your Lawyer

The second step after selecting a criminal defense lawyer is talking over all the finer points of the case. This means bringing into play the client confidentiality agreement. Explore what options are open to you and how you are going to proceed the same. You might not agree with some suggestions made by the lawyer. In such cases, your lawyer needs to support their claims. 

Step 3- Piece together all the Evidence to turn the lawsuit in your favor

At the end of the day, it is all about gathering pieces of evidence that can help convert the case in your favor. This means handing over to your lawyer anything and everything that they feel is relevant to the details of the case. This also means complete disclosure about your alibi. Anything you hide from your lawyer might end up being used by the opposition during the trial. 

Step 4- Always be ready for the Long Fight

Criminal defense lawsuits can prove to be emotionally and financially taxing. However, no matter how tough it gets, you need to stick to your narrative. The stronger you fight, the weaker will the case for the opposition will get. Do not expect cases to be over in a couple of weeks. Criminal cases can drag on for months. Make sure you are ready to put in the hard work. 

Step 5- Present yourself in a proper and dignified manner during the trial

It is essential that you dress properly and groom yourself well during the trial. This means wearing clean clothes, cutting your hair, removing facial hair, and taking a good bath. This is sure to have a positive impact on the jury members. Your lawyer will recommend you wear a suit and a tie whenever there is a hearing. The aim is to carry a professional appearance. 

Understanding the Legal Process: Some things to keep in mind

As someone that has been charged with a criminal offense, you should be familiar with every aspect of the case. Knowing about all the charges leveled against you is of utmost importance. While the police might offer you a vague understanding of the same, you need to work with a criminal defense lawyer for the best understanding of the case. 

You also need to be aware of all the rights you are entitled to have under the Constitution. This will ensure that your legal rights and entitlements are not being trampled upon by police officers, public prosecutors, and other judicial officers in the case.

There might be occasions where pleading guilty might emerge as a viable option. In such instances, you need to discuss the same with your lawyer and evaluate all possible outcomes in the case. This will help you prepare for all eventualities. 

The Bottom Line

Most experts agree that one of the most solid foundations in any legal case is the attorney. Working with the best one can help you build a case that guarantees the best outcome according to your interests. If you have any more questions on criminal defense cases or hiring a lawyer to help you out, let us know in the comments below. 

List of 7 Most Dangerous Jobs In The United States: By Legal Experts


For most people, a bad day at work means missing the deadline or getting yelled at by the boss. While for some, it becomes a situation of life and death. With more than 5000 workplace deaths in the last three consecutive years, workplace safety has become a major concern of the industry.

The most common workplace deaths are related to transportation. You would be surprised that this avenue contributes to almost 40% of the total deaths. This makes us think that working in transportation is really worth the risks.


List Of Dangerous Jobs In The United States

When we talk about the workplace, we can visualize ourselves wearing suits and carrying a suitcase, which makes up only a few percent of jobs. Most jobs are field-related and carry more risk than others. Most of the jobs that support modern society and are building blocks of the industry are dangerous.

The good thing is that the American government is serious about workplace injuries and helps employees get injury compensation. If you ever find yourself injured in the workplace, you can seek the assistance of the best workers compensation lawyers in Coral Springs FL.

1. Logging Workers

The amount of the risk involved for the lodging works is relatively high. The logging workers in America have the highest fatality rate of 33 times compared to other jobs in America. All the tools used in the Logging industry are quite dangerous; one simple mistake and you can lose your life.

2. Aircraft Pilots & Flight Engineers

The fatality rate is 53 per 100000 workers for the aircraft pilots and engineers in the USA. The reason for such a high fatality rate for aircraft pilots and flight engineers is the accidents that are caused during the testing phase. The only silver lining of this job is that an Aircraft Pilot makes more money than any dangerous job.

3. Derrick Operators In Gas, Oil & Mining 

The death case for the derrick operators in the oil and gas industry is increasing rapidly in the USA. The fatality rate is 46 per 100000 workers. The death rate is 20 per year in this profession. A derrick is a structure over the well that supports the drilling equipment. If you are not careful while dealing with this machine, you are risking your life.

4. Roofers

Slips, falls, and trips are the most common accidents that roofers face in their job profile. The death count is 41 per 100000 workers. They are responsible for roofing and installation on homes and buildings. Their work includes taking roofing material onto the roof and securing them. As they are working at an altitude, they are always at a risk of falling from the room. In case you encounter any accidents, you can take action as per the personal injury law.

5. Garbage Collectors

The garbage collector’s death rate is also considerably high. The fatality rate is 34 per 100000 workers. Some trucks use mechanical arms to load the bin; this is where employees can injure themselves. Job profiles pose 30% risk, and transportation poses a 70% risk to the garbage collectors in the USA.

6. Delivery Drivers

The total death rate is 966, and they are the sales workers or the truck drivers. These workers generally pick up cargo and distribute it to different locations. While they are on the roads, they keep in contact with their clients and communicate with the customers to coordinate deliveries.

7. Iron Workers 

The ironworkers are responsible for installing iron and steel in buildings, roads, and bridges. Their works mostly consist of climbing up the massive structure and loading or unloading the steel and iron. Due to the nature of the job, the death rate remains high. Falls from the top of the infrastructure is a common form of accident that injures the workers.

Final words

There you have it; these are some of the job profiles where the involvement of the risk is relatively high. We have used the data from the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics. So the numbers you see are accurate. We hope that you find this information useful. If you do so, share with your friends so that they can learn something new.