How To Do A Pre-Inspection Safety Check Of Your Car To Avoid Accidents

A pre-inspection safety check is vital before you start your trip. A well-maintained vehicle will not only help maintain the safety of the driver and the passengers, but it will also keep other drivers safe. Being a driver, it is your duty to inspect your vehicle before you start a trip.

Ensuring whether the vehicle is totally safe to operate is important in helping you avoid causing an accident. With a thorough pre-trip inspection, you will be able to reduce the chance of causing an accident.

How To Do A Pre-Inspection Safety Check Of Your Car To Avoid Accidents

Pre-inspection safety checks include ensuring that you have proper documents for driving your vehicle, like insurance and your driver’s license. Any Los Angeles car accident lawyer could advise you that having required vehicle documents is essential.

In addition to documents, what are the other things that you need to keep in mind before going on a trip and what are some good things to check on your vehicle? Here is a basic guide for you to start with.

Check Your Wheels

We all know that we should check the tires of our vehicle before leaving, but most of us often forget about it when we are in a rush. Checking the tires is a pretty simple safety measure and it helps in preventing collisions due to flat tires or tires popping.


Testing the brakes of your vehicle is another thing that you need to do before leaving on a trip. It is ideal that you check the functionality as well as the actual brake pads.

On a vehicle, brakes are one of the hardest working components. They are subject to a lot of wear and tear. So, checking your brakes will not only ensure you can stop your vehicle quickly, but also will help you avoid any hazardous situation on the road.

Headlights & Turn Signals

It is quite obvious that you should check the lights on your vehicle. It isn’t always easy to see if your lights are working, unless you actually get out of your vehicle to confirm.

The last thing you want is to be unable to drive because your headlights aren’t working properly or get rear ended because your blinker was burnt out and the car behind you failed to slow down.


Seat belts can save our lives. If the seatbelts are frayed in any way, get them replaced before you use them. If the seatbelt becomes unlatched without you pressing the button, it needs to be replaced or repaired. Putting on a seat belt only requires a couple of seconds, but it will make a big difference if you’re in a wreck.

Some More Pre-Inspection Safety Checks

Apart from the checks that I have mentioned above, here are some more recommendations.

  • Ensure you wheel lug nuts are tightened.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car
  • Clean the windows to ensure you don’t have any visual obstructions

Final Tips

These are just some of the things that you need to inspect when you are doing a pre-inspection safety check of your vehicle. The main purpose of these checks is to increase your safety on the road. A little time checking your vehicle now can save you from an accident and a lot of stress and time later.

Straight Poker : Basic Poker Hand Rules | PokerBaazi

One word every poker beginner knows well, that’s poker hand rankings. In fact, there are 10 types of poker hand sizes and different types of designs for each of these. These include Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four Types, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three Type, Two Pairs, Pairs and Higher Card. There are no speculation points, but today, we will be learning in depth about the location of Straight Poker. Scoring points with poker is the final step to winning a prize. They work like machines in a card game, and while their presence in a human corner can be put into luck, their application is pure skill. By making your basics straight, you can add another key to your arsenal that can help you unlock the jar at the end.

The importance of the direct hand of the Poker

As we have said, everyone who starts playing poker is attacked with information about poker hand levels, and that is probably not enough. This is because in fact, poker is all about building the right poker hand and that alone makes you get a pot. These starting poker hands have been used and better understood at Texas Hold’em, a very different poker game suitable for beginners while also being a battlefield with technical experience. Advanced players are eager to match the right hands of the poker despite the pressure on the table and the top poles. Beginners, on the other hand, are often confused by the use of these hands and the infinite appearance of their structure. The direct hand of poker is one that is considered unusual, but very effective, especially if it is known how and when it is used. Having five consecutive cards from any suit gives you a direct poker order. When you play Texas Holdem, if at any time you hold a combination like 2s-3h-4d-5s-6c and have your right hand.

Draw and do specific exercises in a real Poker game

Imagine that you are in the middle of a No Limit Hold’em game at PokerBaazi . You have Aces in your pocket.

The flop comes with King of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, and Queen of Clubs.

Now, chance comes with 10 heartbeats that lead to you having Ace-high straight because your hand now reads like 10-J-QKK

The Basic Rules of ‘Specific Poker’ Basic Rules

Suits are not related

While you play a lot of poker, you will definitely get the right attention; they offer variety only if there is something else. When it comes to understanding, there is no difference. Straights means having five cards in a row. However, there are no restrictions on suits as this five-card poker situation can be made in any combination in all four suits. Having a straight from the same suit will result in a very high and strong hand called Straight Flush.

Straight Setting in Poker

In the most popular and widely played poker variety such as Holdem and Omaha, a 52-card French card is used. In such a society, there are 10,200 opportunities for understanding. Ace-high straight, also known as Broadway, is considered to be the highest level. Poker Straight rules state that in the event of a tie between two or more players in a dispute, it is always the teams that decide who wins. That is, the player with the highest level of cards between the two methods wins the pot. Explosions are counted over the ropes and thus placed in the fifth place of the poker rankings table. Even though we are in fifth place, straight makes it a tough competitive battle on the river by being able to beat the levels below it.

Chances of Doing the Right Thing in Poker

Taking the example of Texas Hold’em, and by using pre-flop, flop, turn, and river cycles to show, here are your chances to make it straight to your next poker game.

Pre-flop: 0.39% (when a pack of 52 cards is used to draw five cards at random)

Flop: 1.30% (when carrying two connected cards from J-10 to 5-4)

Turn: 16.90% (open sketch drawing)

River: 17.20% (using vertical drawing)

Therefore! That’s a direct hand measurement in poker. It’s easy to understand, isn’t it? You will find simple explanations for all your poker questions in Once you have removed all doubts, you can log on to our website and register to start your journey with a card game. By downloading our app, you are always doing something in the latest poker tournaments we offer so you always have a chance to win big. Safe and secure, easy to read and easy to manage, PokerBaazi is your one online poker player.

Real Cash Rummy – Chance to Win Amazing Prizes

We all know that winning at rummy takes skill to win and we have also listed out the skills required to win the game. The skills required to play rummy are fairly simple and once developed, these skills can be utilized in many practical situations. In this section we will be focusing on how you can develop the skills required to play rummy and how to tune up your skills once you have developed them.

How can you develop the skills to play rummy?

This part of the exercise is fairly simple. Everyone knows that practicing something makes you good at it. Simply start playing free rummy games to develop skills. The first thing that you will see as you keep playing more and more is that there are many styles of playing. The first step in developing a skill set is recognizing your style of playing. Once you have done that you can look at the styles other players adopt to play the game.

The next logical step in this endeavour would be to decide which are the most important skills that you require to play as per your style and win. This could also be to do with your core qualities. For example, if you possess good memory skills, then your game approach could be a watchful one. You could build up on your powers of observation to leverage and substantiate your excellent memory and work towards a winning strategy.

In the same way, if you are essentially an adventurous type of person, then your game would reflect that. In that case you need to work on your risk-reward strategy. You need to evaluate each risk you take while playing rummy with the reward that you are expecting.

There are no absolutes in your style of playing, in fact many people adopt a mixed style or even change styles in the middle of the game according to the stakes they are playing for or even the mood they are in. What is more, you may even come to recognize some skills that you did not know you possessed during the course of a play session? As your rummy playing skills develop, you will also reap the benefits of these skills in other aspects of your life and it can also work in the other way around. That is your daily use skills may help your game.

Tuning up of Indian rummy playing skills:

1. Embrace flexibility: This is one of the keys to a good game and you need to ensure that you have a flexible mind set when it comes to your Indian Rummy Online session

2. Reduce reaction time: The game is always timed when you play online and this makes it imperative that you learn to evaluate and react within a limited time. This is a skill that you can practice and develop in practical day-to-day matters.

3. Evaluate risks better: Always approach the game with an open mind, do not let emotions or sentiment crowd your good judgment. When you feel that a particular risk is not worth taking, you are better off leaving the game.

4. Be open to newer options: The key to becoming an expert 13 cards rummy player is to try out as many new variants of the game as possible. This way you have played the basic version as well as the more intricate and challenging options.

5. Try and play with a diverse set of players: This is a natural occurrence when you play online; you do not know much about your opponent and this makes the game more challenging.

How To Tune Up Your Rummy Game Skills to Win?

The real cash rummy game has become a popular means of entertainment all over the country. In fact, playing free rummy for cash games attracts numerous people. Apart from being skill based and extremely absorbing, the main strength of this game lies in the fact that it can be diversified easily. The main objective in any rummy game is to improve one’s hand by forming sets of cards and combining them in certain patterns. The basic move is to pick a card from the UN-dealt deck or from the face up discard stack and discard a card. People are not only able to play the exciting game of rummy with friends, family members or with strangers but it also gives them a chance to win amazing cash prizes.

Before starting to play the free card game with cash one should be aware of all the rules of the game in order to avoid any complications at a further stage. By understanding the basic rules to play rummy you can make yourself a player worthy of winning the game. A feature that adds to the attraction of the game is the variants of rummy. These variants add zing to the playing experience by providing variety. Apart from variants such portals offer different types of tournaments which can be played online with cash. Such tournaments can be played sitting at home or at a friend’s place.

Play Online Champions League Fantasy Football

Fantasy football gets a great deal of consideration nowadays, particularly when competition is going on. Daily and weekly football leagues are famous as usual. But many want to enlist in season-long private and open fantasy football leagues lately.

Despite the fact that India has other prominent games, individuals still love playing fantasy sports like fantasy football. Indian football has numerous groups and the ongoing expansion called Indian Super League has won individuals’ hearts with its astounding highlights. What the online football fans search for are easy to use interface and sensible cost of the players. Investigate the absolute best Indian football associations.

Best Indian football groups for fantasy football match-ups

Indian Super League

ISL is a men’s football group in India. Named Hero ISL, it is one of the best competitions in India. It was established in 2013 to advance the game in India and increase the status of Indian football. As of now, there are eight groups in the tournament. ISL does not utilize the advancement and transfer framework like an alternate tournament of the world. Rather, they make use of an established format like the Twenty20 cricket league. The mission of the association is to give high calibre and engaging football games connecting with a great many fans, enhance the playing benchmarks and convey an incentive for every one of the accomplices.


Officially known as the Hero I-League, this is an Indian expert group for men’s affiliation football clubs. Before the presentation of ISL, this alliance was the nation’s principal football rivalry. Not at all like ISL, it works on an arrangement of advancement and assignment. The season begins from January and proceeds up to May. The groups play 18 coordinates each creating a sum of 90 coordinates in the season. The group was framed in 2007 as a successor to the past National Football League. From that point forward, five clubs have turned into the bosses of the I-League. The class was initially called ONGC I-League and began to professionalize football in India.

I-League second Division

This alliance comes after the I-League. It was presented in 2008 and was known as the National Football League Second Division beforehand. It was supported by ONGC till 2011 and was known as ONGC I-League second Division in those days. In the 2008 season, Vasco, Mumbai, Mohammedan and Chirag United got elevated to the I-League while in the following season, Viva Kerala, Pune, Salgaocar and Shillong Lajong advanced. The official logo for I-League second Division was presented by the All-India Football Federation in 2015. In that year, just a single group got consigned from I-League and comparatively, just a single group got advanced from the second division. From 2015, the eight groups played against one another twice at unbiased settings.

With such ground-breaking fantasy sports games in the nation, the fan following for the game has enormously expanded. The quantity of individuals who take to fantasy football has gone up. There are numerous sites that offer the best highlights to keep the fans playing.

The Unfading Charm of Fantasy Football

Whether football is in your genes or it is an entertainment for you. Whether you love football or you are a diehard fan of football. Whether you are a football freak or a fanatic fan – it doesn’t matter unless and until you are registered for fantasy football premier league. A web portal and online game call it whatever, you just got to be there!

It is a game played online, where you get to select your own team, own player, own set up and compete with others. If the performance of your player is at par on the field you get to earn points based on the number of goals, the number of goals he made and so on. Each week each member gets a chance to upgrade his or her team in fantasy football league. Addition and deletion of the player is done along with the change in set up or the numbering. The basic aim of this is to earn maximum points based on your selection and the performance of the player in the field of the respective matches. It is more like you get to manage your own team like a team manager.

This game is becoming immensely popular due to the growth of the internet at a faster pace. This is receiving a higher level of popularity due to the fact that it allows the audience to get involved in the game instead of merely watching it. The champions’ league fantasy football is an initiative by ESPN. There are different types of leagues in which one can get involved like – head-to-head league, total points league, all play league, keeper leagues, development dynasty league, and salary cap league. There is an availability of free agents as well. These agents can be claimed by members and their main task is to deal with the roaster. In the end it is decided who wins with maximum points.

What does it take to be a successful Recruitment Consultant?

A recruitment consultant’s job is to provide suitable candidates for job vacancies in companies. Their job is not limited to a particular sector of the economy. They handle recruitment for small, medium and big businesses and help them find employees with the proper qualification and expertise. Job seekers rely heavily on them to improve their CVs and guide them in the interview procedure. Recruitment consultants also help negotiate salaries and act as a bridge between the job seeker and the business house. This means they have a significant role to play in the economy.

What are the duties of a recruitment consultant?

To get business, recruitment consultants need to build relationships with business houses and be in constant touch with them. They need to advertise jobs and study CVs to find the right candidates. Suitable candidates need to be called for interviews so that the right people are recommended to companies. In addition, they help job seekers to build a good CV and guide them for the interview process. Communication to the successful candidate is part of their duty, along with negotiating agency fees and contracts.

How to become a recruitment consultant?

To become a recruitment consultant, you do not need a complicated educational qualification. The most important requirement needed is to have passion for this profession, as it is a demanding job. You must acquire knowledge about the workings of the business world. This knowledge can be acquired through work experience and college education. 

What is the qualification needed to become a recruitment consultant?

You do not need any specific degree that will qualify you as a recruitment consultant. But if you have a degree in Business Studies, Psychology or Management, it will be to your advantage. Also, an HR and Recruitment Consultant course will be an added advantage to help you establish yourself as a successful recruitment consultant.

What skills need to be acquired by a recruitment consultant?

In addition to formal education, specific skill sets go a long way in establishing an individual as a recruitment consultant. Such a professional should be able to handle pressure and deadlines well. It is also essential to be able to work with a team and also independently. You should be able to present things effectively, and good written and verbal communication skills are essential. In addition, a recruitment consultant must have strong negotiation and numeracy skills, commercial awareness and should be an expert in the field of information technology. 

Guidelines for Success as a Recruitment Consultant:

It goes without saying that to be successful as a recruitment consultant, you need to make honest efforts, work hard, and be dedicated to your profession. Following are a few guidelines that will take you on the road to success:

1. Be Professional:

Professionalism in your work as a recruitment consultant is of utmost importance. Companies prefer to hire recruitment consultants who are thoroughly professional because it builds a sense of faith. They know such a person will provide them with the right candidate for the position they are looking to hire for. Also, a professional attitude leaves no scope for misunderstanding and problems between both parties. In addition, professional indemnity insurance is an excellent way to protect your business from unexpected risks.

2. Keep the Right Attitude:

A realistic approach and positive attitude are very important for a recruitment consultant because his /her job entails interactions with business owners, potential employees and business partners. Whether the outcome of these interactions is successful is largely dependent on the attitude of the recruitment consultant.

3. Hard Work is the Key to Success:

The job of a recruitment consultant requires long hours of work every day as they have to do a lot of research work on the CVs of potential employees. This is important before they send suitable candidates to business clients for interviews. In addition, an effort is to be made to build contacts. So recruitment consultants must be prepared for the arduous journey.

4. Network and Build Business Relationships:

In order to succeed as a recruitment consultant, it is important to pay attention to networking and building a business relationship. This being a social job requires relationship and contact building to survive in the market.

Recruitment consultants have to deal with much more cases of fraud as opposed to other fields. It is essential to do all background checks of all CVs to ensure that the papers are genuine. Find out why a person has left their previous employment, why a particular company cannot retain its employees, why there is a gap in a candidate’s resume and so on. It is important to inquire about these issues from the potential job seeker and the company looking to hire new people. Also, develop skills to write excellent job descriptions.

To learn more about professional indemnity insurance, click here.