Elin Nordegren Wikipedia, Tiger Woods Ex-Wife, Jordan Cameron Partner

Jordan Cameron Partner

Elin Nordegren is a former model and retried nanny. She worked as a model and nanny for a long time. 

When and where did Elin Nordegren bear? 

On 1 January 1980, Elin Nordegren was born in Stockholm, Sweden.  

What’s the zodiac sign of Elin Nordegren? 

The zodiac sign of Nordegren is Capricorn, which is the tenth astrological sign. 

What is Elin Nordegren ethnicity?

Nordegren was born in Sweden. Therefore, she represents old Scandinavian roots.   

Who are Elin Nordegren parents? 

Thomas Nordegren and Barbro Holmberg are Elin’s lovely parents.  Thomas is a well-known radio presenter, writer and journalist in Sweden, while Barbro Holmberg is a Swedish politician. She has served as a minister for her nation.   

Does Elin Nordegren have any siblings?

Yes, Elin lived with two siblings. Axel Nordegren is her elder brother – and Josefin Nordegren is her twin sister.  

Did Elin Nordegren live a rich life during her childhood? 

Elin Nordegren’s parents were very good working-class Swedish citizens. They did their best to back all of their children. However, they also led her children to work and fund for the highest studies for knowing the value of money. 

What’s the height of Elin Nordegren? 

Nordegren has a perfect height for a model, standing five feet and 11 inches tall. 

What’s the bodyweight of Nordegren?

Nordegren does mostly weight 64kg. 

What are Nordegren’s body measurements? 

Elin Nordegren’s body measurements are 37-25-36 inches. 

What’s the breast size of Nordegren? 

Elin Nordegren’s breast size is 34D. 

What’s the eye and hair colour of Nordegren? 

Nordegren has captivating blue eyes. Her hair colour is blonde. 

Does Nordegren like tattoos? 

Nordegren has put tattoos on her body – but she is not too obsessed with making tattoos. 

Where did Nordegren work as a nanny? 

Nordegren worked as a nanny for Mia Parnevik and Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik’s kids. She had to join Jesper’s family in the United States for getting the job done. She went with them to many golf events around the world. 

How did Nordegren meet Tiger Woods? 

Nordegren met Tiger Woods at the 2001 Open Championship. She was working for Jesper Parnevik at that time. The Swedish legend in golf was the key reason behind this relationship. 

When did Nordegren and Tiger Woods get marry? 

Nordegren married Tiger Woods at the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados in October 2004. Tiger spent $2 million to make his wedding just perfect. In November 2003, the pair got engaged in South Africa. At that time, Woods was attending the Presidents Cup tournament. 

How many kids did Nordegren and Tiger Woods have? 

Nordegren and Tiger Woods welcomed two kids together named Sam Alexis Woods and Charlie Axel Woods. 

When did Nordegren and Tiger Woods part ways?

Nordegren and Tiger Woods officially parted ways on 23 August 2010. Woods had to pay $100 million to Elin Nordegren. She took a divorce because of cheating and other shocking reasons. 

Who is the current partner of Nordegren? 

Elin Nordegren’s current partner is Jordan Cameron, who is a retired American football player. Elin and Jordan are blessed with a son named Filip Nordegren Cameron. She is the stepmother of Tristan Cameron. 

What’s the net worth of Tiger Woods’ ex-wife?     

Elin Nordegren’s net worth is $100 million. 

Kim Marie Kessler Wikipedia, Randy Orton Wife, Family Life, Social Media

Kim Marie Kessler

Kim Marie Kessler is an American homemaker, social media personality and socialite. Kim is famous for being the better half of well known professional wrestler Randy Orton (Randal Keith Orton). 

When does Kim Marie Kessler celebrate her birthday?

Kim Marie Kessler does celebrate her birthday on 1 April. She was born on 1 April 1985.  

What’s the zodiac sign of Kim Marie Kessler?

Aries, which is the first astrological sign, is the zodiac sign of Kim Marie Kessler. 

What’s the height of Kim Marie Kessler? 

Kim Marie Kessler stands five feet and six inches tall.  

What’s the ethnicity of Kim Marie Kessler? 

Marie Kessler represents Danish ethnicity. 

What’s the weight of Kim Marie Kessler? 

Kim Marie Kessler’s weight stands mostly at the mark of 55 Kg or 121 lbs.

What are Kessler body measurements? 

Kim Marie Kessler’s body measurements are 34-28-38 inches. 

What’s the eye and hair colour of Kessler? 

Marie Kessler contains a captivating picture of dark brown hair and black eyes. 

What’s the shoe and dress size of Kessler?

Kim Marie Kessler’s shoe size is 7 (US). Her dress size is 4 (US). 

Do Kessler and Randy Orton celebrate the birthday on the same day? 

Yes, Marie Kessler and Randy Orton celebrate their birthday on 1st of April. The age difference between the lovely couple is five years. 

Is Kessler’s Orton second Wife? 

Yes, Marie Kessler is Randy Orton’s second wife. They married in 2015. From 2007 to 2013, Randy lived with his first wife Samantha Speno, who is a professional gymnast.

Does Kessler’s have any child? 

Kessler and Randy Orton are blessed with a daughter. Her name is Brooklyn Rose Orton. She was born in 2016. Kim is the stepmother of Alanna Marie Orton (daughter), who was born in 2008. Marie Kessler also has three children, which represents her previous marriage. All of them are boys. 

Is Kessler a homemaker? 

Marie Kessler does play a full-time homemaker role – but she also works in her way to earn money. 

Is Kessler a model? 

Marie Kessler is a model. She now works on social media as very well.  

How many followers does Kessler have on social media? 

Kessler has more than 75k followers on Twitter and over 297k followers on Instagram. Her Facebook account is private. Only her close friends can join the account on Facebook. 

Is Kessler an animal lover? 

Kessler is a huge animal lover. She is a beautiful dog named Spike. After marrying Orton, they adopted Spike. 

Does Kessler fight for human rights?

Yes, Marie Kessler does use her social media impact to help voiceless. She is a well-known socialite. Kim mostly works to help others who can’t reach to the power as good as the Orton family can do.   

What’s the net worth of Kessler? 

Kim Marie Kessler’s net worth is $1 million (US dollars). Social media accounts play the biggest role to help her earn good sums. 

What’s the net worth of Randy Orton? 

Randy Orton’s net worth is $12 million (US dollars) at present. Randy Orton is a super famous professional wrestler and does work as an actor now too. He has worked for famous English movies and series like The Condemned 2, 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, and That’s What I Am.

Abi Titmuss Wiki, Model, Relationship with footballer Lee Sharpe

Abi Titmuss

Abi Titmuss is a retired glamour model, poker player, nurse and television personality. Abi’s birthplace was Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England and she born 8 February 1976. Titmuss reflects white ethnicity. She believes in Jesus’ words and does to put her best to follow her path. Abi Titmuss is well-known for her time with Manchester United and Leeds United legend Lee Sharpe, who is a retired English football player.

Abi Titmuss: Birthday 

Titmuss celebrates her special day with some top personalities such as Nozomi Sasaki, James Dean, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Paul Wight, Klay Thompson, Julio Jones, Jules Verne, Seth Green, John Williams, and many other. On Abi’s birthday, the whole world celebrates Propose Day (8th of February).

What are Abi Titmuss physical stats?

Abi Titmuss takes care of her athletic body very well. She keeps her weight around 61 kg. Her height is five feet and five inches, which is fine according to her age. The combination of green eyes and blonde hair provides Titmuss with a classical look. 

Does Abi Titmuss love tattoos?  

Abi Titmuss is not a lover tattoos. She does not feel too obsessed with tattoos and all. Titmuss likes to keep her body free from tattoos. 

What are the academic qualifications of Abi Titmuss?  

Abi Titmuss did her schooling from Kesteven and Sleaford High School. She passed the A-Levels in style. From City University in St Bartholomew’s Hospital, she did a nursing diploma. 

Is Abi Titmuss a doctor? 

Abi aimed to become a doctor during her much younger days – but she did not manage to make her dream come true. Instead, Titmuss became a nurse. 

Who are Abi Titmuss’ parents? 

Peter Titmuss and Linda Titmuss are Abi’s parents. 

Does Abi Titmuss have any sibling?

Titmuss does not have any sibling. She is the only child of her family. 

Have Abi Titmus’ parents passed away? 

Yes, Abi Titmus’ father and mother passed away when she was just 17 years old. Not having any brother or sister was also a big blow for Titmus at that time. She called that time very hard. 

Is Titmus a retired model? 

Abi Titmus is a retired glamour model – but she does work as a model for many fashion brands and all. 

What does Titmus do professionally?

Abi Titmus does now work as a professional poker player. She also works as a television and radio personality. 

What is Titmus’ relationship with Lee Sharp?

Former footballer Lee Sharp is Abi Titmus’ former boyfriend. They shared a lovely time in 2005 or so. Abi Titmus loved Lee very much but did not manage to take their relationship to another level. Abi and Lee’s time in the media are well-documented. 

Who is Titmus’ husband? 

Actor Ari Welkom is Abi Titmus’ husband. They married in 2017. In shows like Loose Women and all, one can know more about Ari Welkom and Abi Titmus. They have told it many times that glamorous love birds can’t live without each other. 

What is the story behind her sex tape?

In January 2004, Abi Titmus lost many professional projects as many media outlets openly said that Abi Titmus did group sex with her boyfriend John Leslie, who is a former television and radio presenter.    

Former Boyfriend Lee Shape? 

Halesowen-born Abi Titmus is a retired English professional football player who played for Manchester United, Leeds United and other famous football clubs. He earned eight senior caps for England from 1991 to 1993. Abi Titmus served as a midfielder.   

Sylvie Meis Wiki, Model, Hobbies, Physical Stats, Rafael van der Vaart Ex-Wife

Sylvie Meis

Sylvie Meis is a well-known television personality and model from the Netherlands. Sylvie hails from Breda (Netherlands) and was born on 13 April 1978. She is a proud Christian who represents different roots (ethnicity). The birth (zodiac) sign of Meis is Aries. Former Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart is the ex-husband of Sylvie Meis.   

Sylvie Meis: Hobbies and Favourite Things 

Sylvie Meis’ hobbies are travelling, shopping, modelling and dancing. Meis likes to watch English movies and series. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, which comes on Amazon Prime Videos, is Sylvie’s beloved series; A Quiet Place is her favourite movie.  Sylvie likes the work of John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Rainn Wilson, Lee Kirk and James Gunn. Red, sky blue, green and blue are her favourite colours. Geneva (Switzerland) is her preferred holiday destination. Sylvie is a huge pet lover. She works with multiple animal protection groups.  

Sylvie Meis Physical Stats 

Sylvie Meis’ height is 5 feet and 2¼ inches. She weighs around 48 kg (106 pounds). Sylvie’s figure stands 38-24-35 inches (96.5-61-89 cm). Meis’ bra size is 34D, feet (shoe) size is 7.5 (US), and dress size is 2 (US). Hazel eyes with blonde hair give Sylvie a fantastic look. She doesn’t love to make tattoos and all. However, Sylvie works very well to stay fit and healthy at the highest level. 

Sylvie Meis: Early Life, Family Life, Marriage, Kids, Education 

Ron and Rita Meis are Sylvie’s parents. She spent her childhood with brother Daniel Meis. From the University of West Brabant, she did her graduation. Sylvie always managed academics and extracellular activities very well. In 2003, Meis started her lovely relationship with Rafael van der Vaart.

 They dated and lived together for two good years, before marrying on 10 June 2005. Nearly a year later, on 28 May 2006, the lovely pair welcomed a handsome baby boy – Damián Rafael. In June 2009, Sylvie battled with breast cancer. In 2009, Spanish giants aimed to sell Rafael van der Vaart. However, he had to stay at Real Madrid due to her wife’s treatment. A year later, Van der Vaart found that Sylvie cheated him.

He saw many emails where it was clear that Sylvie is in another relationship with a KLM airline pilot. Three years later, on 2 January 2013, the pair separated. In 2017, Sylvie started her relationship with Charbel Aouad and ended in the same year, October 2017.    

Sylvie Meis: Professional Career

Sylvie Meis has done a fantastic job to make her career better in the Netherlands as well as in Germany. She started to get work as a model when she was 18 years old. She did many shoots for Dutch agencies and made a name in Holland.

In 2008, Sylvie Meis played the role of a host for the 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year award ceremony. In 2003, she was named the Netherlands’ Sexiest Female Rafael van der Vaart joined a German football club Hamburger SV in 2005. It allowed Sylvie Meis to work in Germany. She took the opportunity with both hands. Now Sylvie is an established personality in Germany. She is working for top German television shows. Sylvie Meis is a very hard-working lady.

Many people can learn something from her professional career to become better in their fields.  

Social Media 

Sylvie Meis has two million followers on social media. She is a famous personality and does use her social media power very well. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Sylvie Meis is around about $10 million at present. She has worked for several brands to reach this big level. 


Rafael van der Vaart is a Dutch legend. The former Netherlands winger played for Ajax, Hamburger SV, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Betis, Midtjylland and Esbjerg fB.

From 2001 to 2013, Van der Vaart represented the Netherlands 109 times and scored 25 goals. In 2010, he played a huge role to lead the Dutch side to the FIFA World Cup final where they lost the match 1-0 to Spain. 

Edurne Garcia Biography, Education, Actress, Singer, Net Worth, Wife of David De Gea

Edurne Garcia

Madrid-born Edurne Garcia is a well-known singer, actress and model from Spain. Garcia was born on 22 December 1985. The zodiac (birth) sign of Edurne is Capricorn, which is a very influential sign in the world of Horoscope. Edurne does represent Spanish ethnicity. She is a proud Christian. Edurne Garcia’s better half is David de Gea, who is a professional goalkeeper.   

Edurne Garcia – Birthday 

She celebrates her birthday on the 22nd of December. She does share this special day with celebrities like Ralph Fiennes, Vanessa Paradis, Meghan Trainor, Ted Cruz, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jordin Sparks, G Hannelius, Shiori Kutsuna, Megumi Yasu, late Srinivasa Ramanujan and many others. The aroma of all these legends makes the 22nd of December a very peaceful day. 

Take a look at physical stats of Edurne Garcia

Edurne Garcia is a fitness advocate, standing 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs around 52 kg. Dark brown eyes with blonde hair give Edurne a sensational look. Edurne has a very slim body. Her figure appearance stands 32-26-34 inches. The bra size, also known as the cup size, is 32B. Edurne does like tattoos – but she is not too mad for it. Edurne Garcia has said it many interviews that fitness plays a huge role to make this world better in many different ways. 

Childhood, Family Life, Early Life and Marriage Life of Edurne Garcia

Edurne Garcia is a Madrid girl. She did her study and spent a huge chunk of her life the Spanish capital. Edurne’s parents Tomas Garcia and Yolanda Almagro gave their all to put a smile on their beloved child’s face. Edurne loves and respects her father and mother, who did their level best to help her in many different ways. Garcia is the better half of football player David de Gea. The couple mostly lives in Manchester. However, they do have a house in Madrid too.

David de Gea has been living in Manchester since 2011. In the summer of 2015 and 2016, the Spanish goalkeeper looked very near to join Real Madrid. It was a better move for Edurne too. However, the last-minute paperwork did not allow the Spanish giants to make the move. Edurne Garcia loves De Gea. She backs her lovely husband from the bottom of her heart. Edurne sees her future only with David de Gea. She calls De Gea her lovely husband.          


In 2006, Edurne Garcia started her career as a singer. Many Spanish-speaking countries linked her work and made her a true star. Since 2006, Edurne’s fans have seen a great rise as a professional singer. In the meantime, she has also made a name as an actress and television host. Indeed, David de Gea’s inductance helps in many different ways. However, it is her skills which play the biggest role in Edurne’s first-class journey. She has worked with top music companies. Edurne Garcia is a well-known singer around the world.     

Net worth  

According to many reports, the net worth of Edurne Garcia is estimated at around $20 million at present. Most of her earnings come from her singing, television and acting projects. 

Social Media 

Edurne Garcia has a huge social media following, with millions of followers around the world. She has above 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Edurne Garcia uses her social media networks to share her work and professional life with her fans. 


David de Gea is a Spanish footballer who plays as a goalkeeper. De Gea had played for Atletico Madrid before joining Manchester United 2011. He represents Spain’s national football team on regular basis. David de Gea is a true Manchester United legend. 

Giovanna Yannotti: Bio, Physical Stats, Model, Actress, Kurt Angle Wife

Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti is a well-known personality who hails from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She came to his brick-and-mortar world on 26 March 1987.

It makes it clear that her zodiac sign is Aries. Giovanna is a part of Italian and Mexican ethnicity. Her husband Kurt Angle is a former professional wrestler from the United States. 

Giovanna Yannotti: Birthday 

Giovanna Yannotti celebrates her birthday with some top professionals such as keira Knightley, Jonathan Groff, Diana Ross, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Grey, Yuya Yagira, Xiumin, Paige VanZant, Larry Page and many others. Yannotti and other famous names make this day a fantastic one from many different angles.

Physical Stats of Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti has a decent height, standing 5 feet and 8 inches tall. She is a huge prompter of fitness and does put her all to stay fit at the highest level, keeping her weight to 60 kg.

Giovanna Yannotti’s figure stands at the mark of 36-26-36 inches. Her bra size, also known as the club size, is 32B. Yannotti loves to make new tattoos. One can see her adding new tattoos on her body. Yannotti shoe size is 6 (US) and dress size is 4 (US). 

Giovanna Yannotti – Early Life, Relationships, Marriage and Husband

Giovanna Yannotti was born and raised by her parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She completed most of her studies form Pittsburgh only. She was a good learner at her school but was never just too good. Giovanna married Kurt Angle in 2012.

The pair met at an event. They started to talk and took the relationship to another level. Giovanna dated Kurt for a long time before deciding to live with her. She married Kurt in 2012. The pair now has three young children – Nikoletta Sky Angle, Sophia Laine Angle, Giuliana Marie Angle. Giovanna is also a stepmother of two children named Kody Angle and Kyra Angle.

Giovanna is Kurt’s second wife. From 1998 to 2008, Kurt spent a great life with Karen Jarrett. The age gap between Giovanna Yannotti and Kurt Angle is very huge (16 to 17 years). Many think that Yannotti married Kurt because he is a very rich personality. Yannotti denies all these allegations and makes it very clear that her love for Kurt Angle is at a different level. She wants people to think twice before making big allegations. 

Giovanna Yannotti – Professional Career 

Giovanna Yannotti is an American model and actress. She worked for some decent brand in the fashion industry. Even at a very young age, Giovanna got work from many publications.

Giovanna has played some short roles in several American movies and television series. She didn’t take a career to another level. However, Giovanna has done a decent job to feel proud in many different ways.

Giovanna has not been working full time as a model and actress since 2012. She now puts her best to make kids feel happy. Giovanna Yannotti is now more of a homemaker.         

Social Media

Giovanna Yannotti has limited following on social media, which will be on a combined record of 20k plus. Giovanna likes to share her family life and personal work with her fans on social media

Net Worth 

The net worth of Giovanna Yannotti is not very much clear. She has not a fantastic job as a professional. However, her husband is a millionaire. Therefore, she does not need to worry about finance and all.  


Kurt Angle is a former professional wrestler from the United States. Kurt Angle is a legend of the game. He won the Olympic gold in 1996. From 1996 to 2020, Kurt Angle worked for a big brand like WWE and TNA. He has been regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time.  

Taryn Terrell Wiki, Bio, Wrestler, Actress, Drew McIntyre Wife, IMDb

Taryn Terrell

Taryn Terrell works as a professional model, actress, and ring announcer. However, she is mostly known as a retired professional wrestler. Taryn was born on 28 December 1985 in New Orleans Louisiana, United States. Terrell’s birth sign, also known as the zodiac sign, is Capricorn. Taryn, who represents white ethnicity, is a follower of the Christian religion.  

What makes Taryn Terrell birthday special? 

Taryn Terrell celebrates her birthday on 28 December. Taryn shares his day with the likes of Denzel Washington, John Legend, Stan Lee, Joe Manganiello, Maggie Smith, Larissa Manoela, Sienna Miller, Don Francisco and many others. Terrell and all these legends make this day a special one from many different reasons. 

Taryn TerrellPhysical Stats

Taryn Terrell has a decent height for a model, standing five feet and six inches tall. The bodyweight of Taryn is 54 kg (120 lbs). Terrell’s figure measurements are 34-26-34 inches. Dark brown eyes and blonde hair give her a smashing look. Taryn Terrell was in love with tattoos but was not too obsessed with it. She takes care of her body very well and does put her well to stay fit. 

Taryn TerrellChildhood, Love, Kids

Taryn Terrell spent her childhood in her hometown New Orleans. She did her schooling from New Orleans only. Taryn’s school teachers saw her great future as a model. Therefore, they pushed their best to keep motivating Taryn. It shows the value of teachers. Taryn Terrell came to the limelight after starting a relationship with American actor named Alfonso Ribeiro in 2008. Months later, they parted ways as than young Taryn started to like fellow professional wrestler Drew McIntyre (Andrew Galloway).

They engaged in June 2009 and married in May 2010 in Las Vegas, US. In 2011, Drew McIntyre and Taryn Terrell parted ways. It was a very sad time for both as they had planned many great things together. Drew found her true love in Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, while Taryn married Joseph Dryden in October 2015. Taryn and Joseph are blessed with two children named Rhett Dryden and Emerson. Taryn and Drew are now happy in their new relationships. 

Professional Journey 

Taryn Terrell began her World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) career in 2007. The 2007 WWE Diva Search contest led her to open doors for RAW and ECW. The failure of ECW led her career to end in WWE in 2010. She then worked for some other professional wrestling bards. She never made an impactful WWE run ever since. Taryn has worked as model magazines and fashion brands. She is very famous in the world of modelling too. Terrell has worked as an actress in some top movies and series. She does not play big roles but does put her best to keep on working. One can see Taryn as a ring announcer in many different events, mostly in the United States. Taryn Terrell has worked very much. She now helps many young girls to shape their career in the field of modelling. 

Social Media 

Taryn Terrell has some old fans following her on social media. She has combined 75k plus followers on major social media networks. 

Net Worth 

Taryn Terrell’s net worth is $2 million (US dollars). Taryn has put her best to stay at this level. 

Former Spouse 

Drew McIntyre is now a global professional wrestler. He works for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) at the moment. McIntyre is one of the best wrestlers. McIntyre works well now. At the beginning of his career, it didn’t work well for him in WWE. However, now he is working well and is representing the brand very well. 

Maryse Mizanin Biography: Social Media, Physical Stats, The Miz Wife

Maryse Ouellet

Maryse Mizanin, commonly known as her ring name Maryse Ouellet, is an American-Canadian television reality star and professional wrestler. The birth date of Maryse is 21 January (1983). Her zodiac sign (birth sign) is Aquarius, which is a special sign in Horoscope. Maryse Mizanin is a part of French and Canadian roots. She can speak French, Spanish and English fluently. Maryse follows the Christian religion from the bottom of her heart. Maryse is also known as the wife of The Miz, who is also a famous professional wrestler.   

Do you know what makes Maryse Mizanin special? 

On the 21st of January, Maryse Mizanin celebrates her birthday. She shares his super special days with (late) Sushant Singh Rajput, Felipe Neto, Grigori Rasputin, BooBoo Stewart, Geena Davis, Jerry Trainor, Michel Telo, Nana Mizuki, Emma Bunton, Jack Nicklaus, Kim Dotcom and many others. 

A look at Maryse Mizanin Physical Stats 

Maryse Mizanin stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. She weighs around 53 Kg. Mizanin’s figure stands 34-26-36 inches. Maryse shiny dark brown eyes and classical blonde hair give her a better look than many others. Maryse’s breast size is 32C, feet size is 8 (US), and dress size is 4 (US). Maryse has put tattoos on her body. One of those tattoos pays tribute to her later father, Guy. Maryse does still model. Thus, staying fit is the kid of her thing. 

Maryse Mizanin: Early Life, Family, Marriage, Boyfriend 

Mizanin’s parents Guy Ouellet and Marjolaine Martin raised her with her beautiful sister Michelle Ouellet in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada. Maryse was famous at her school for conducting fashion shows. In 2014, Mike Mizanin married his long-term girlfriend Maryse. The lovely couple lives with two beautiful children named Madison Jade Mizanin and Monroe Sky Mizanin.  

Do Maryse Mizanin and The Miz live in lavish Mansion? 

Maryse Mizanin does not have a mansion. But they have a very beautiful house in Westlake Village. They paid $6.4 million for their amazing house. The swimming pool in their beautiful house is very good.  

Net Worth

The net worth of Maryse is $14 million. Most of her earning come to her different projects with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). 

WWE Professional 

Maryse joined professional wrestling in 2006 with the help of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s Diva Search competition. Maryse attracted many WWE fans. It helped her to win the Divas Champion in 2008. She worked well as a professional wrestler for WWE until 2012. Since 2013 or so, she has been making appearances with her husband. She is still assisting WWE to create good storylines. 

Modelling Career   

Maryse Mizanin started to model for the first time in 2003. She came on the second spot in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada competition. Four years later, in 2007, she featured on the cover page of Playboy’s famous girl calendar. Maryse has worked as a model for WWE many times. 

television shows

Mizanin has worked in some famous shows such as Total Divas and Total Bellas – but her signature show is Miz & Mrs. 


Yes, Maryse has made some appearances in movies. In 2008, she made a guest appearance in Redemption Song. 

Who is her Husband?

The Miz is Maryse’s husband. He is a famous professional wrestler from the United States of America. 

Niki Taylor, Bio, Actress, Supermodel, Hobbies, Life, Burney Lamar Wife

niki taylor

Niki Taylor, who hails from Lauderdale (Florida, USA), is a famous model and television presenter. She was born on 5 March 1975 in Fort Lauderdale. Niki feels proud to represent white ethnicity. She believes in Jesus’ wisdom of making this world bigger and better. Niki Taylor’s better half Burney Lamar is a well-respected American racing car driver. Pisces is the birth sign (zodiac sign) of Niki.    

Niki Taylor: Birthday 

Taylor celebrates her birthday on 5 March. She shares these amazing days with many famous personalities such as Madison Beer, Eva Mendes, Taylor Hill, Jun Shison, Joel Osteen, Sterling Knight, John Frusciante, Lisa Robin Kelly and many other. The presence of all these legends from different fields makes the 5th of March a great day to celebrate.    

What are Niki Taylor’s Physical Stats?  

Niki Taylor has a perfect model height, standing five feet and 10 inches tall. She is a lover of fitness and does put her all to stay fit. Thus, Niki’s weight is just 59 kg. The body measurements of Taylor are 37-25-36 inches. Niki’s cup size, also known as the bra size is 34C. Her blonde hair and hazel eyes have the power to captivate many people in this brick-and-mortar world. Niki does not like to make any tattoo. She says that making tattoos are not her cup of tea. 

Know about Niki Taylor Early Life And Marriage!  

Niki Taylor spent her childhood with two beautiful sisters named Joelle and Krissy. Her younger sister Krissy also wanted to become a supermodel. She started to work in the field of modelling. However, Krissy passed away in 1995 when she was just 17 years old. This incident broke the family in many different ways. Niki met her first husband Matt Martinez at an American football game. Matt fell in love with this angle and married her in 1994.

In the same year, they welcomed a pair of twin brothers Jake and Hunter Martinez. Both kids were very young when Martinez and Taylor parted ways. For Jake and Hunter, it was not a very good situation as they wanted their parents together for teaching team life lessons. After 10 years, Niki Taylor married Burney Lamar, with whom she has two children named Ciel Taylor Lamar and Rex Harrison Lamar. Niki Taylor loves her family and put her all to make her kids and husband feel happy. Niki feels great to meet a gentleman like Burney, who takes care of her very well. 

Take a look at Niki Taylor modelling and television careers     

Niki Taylor battled with many health and family problems. Despite these many ups and downs, she has made a great career as a model and television presenter. She is one of the best and in-demand models in the United States. Niki has worked for top clothing, media and magazine brands in her hard-working career. Many see Niki as a fine example to follow in this challenging world.      

Net Worth 

The net worth of Niki Taylor is $7 million at the moment.  

Social Media 

Niki Taylor has more than 180k followers on major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Renae Cuellar Bio: Age, Footballer, Carlos Alvarez Wife

renae cuellar

Renae Cuellar currently works as a professional football player who hails from Bellflower, California, United States. Renae was born on 24 June 1990. The zodiac sign of Cuellar is Cancer, which is one of the most unknown signs in the world of astrology. Renae Cuellar is a part of old Latin ethnicity (roots).

 She believes in the wisdom of Jesus. Renae Cuellar’s better half Carlos Alvarez is also a professional footballer.    

What makes Renae Cuellar birthday special? 

Renae Cuellar shares her birthday with some top footballer players and other famous personalities such as Lionel Messi, Minka Kelly, Mindy Kaling, David Alaba, Solange Knowles, Candice Patton, Syren De Mer, Stassi Schroeder, Juan Roman Riquelme and others. 

Physical Stats of Renae Cuellar 

Renae Cuellar has a fine height for a striker, standing 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her body weight nearly remains at the mark of 62 kg. Renae’s figure’s measures around 32-26-36 inches. Renae Cuellar is not a huge advocate of tattoos.

She does not like to put any tattoo on her body. However, many footballers do like to make modern-day tattoos. Cuellar is a professional football player. Therefore, she likes to remain fit and healthy for putting her best on the pitch. 

Early Life, Family, Kids, Marriage – Renae Cuellar

Renae Cuellar did her schooling and spent a huge time of her childhood in Bellflower, California, US. Renae always matched her academics and extracurricular activities very well. However, she always loved to play football (soccer) ahead of any other thing. Renae was very young when her parents Andrés García and Dolores Cuéllar parted ways. She lived with her mother and took her surname only.

Renae became too famous at her school at a very young age because of leading Los Altos High School to many honours in football. She scored tons of goals and presented her bright future. Renae married American soccer player Carlos Alvarez. They didn’t make their marriage ceremony too lavish, with only some precious members were allowed to make this special day even better.

Cuellar and Carlos Alvarez feel great to have a handsome son Romeo Alvarez, who was born in April 2017. Renae and Carlos interviewed with Brinish newspaper The Guardian. In a long interview, the pair made football fans clear that how marriage helps both to make their professional football career look stable. 

Take a look at Renae Cuellar Professional Career…

Renae Cuellar represented the Arizona Wildcats and the Oklahoma Sooners at her college football level. She passed the test in flying colours and promoted herself to take a professional football ride. Renae earned his first contract from the FC Kansas City in 2013. The Mexican forward has played for many top sides at the club level in the United States. She chose to represent Mexico instead of the US.

She made her first senior appearance for Mexico in 2008. Ranae also played for Mexico U20 side. Renae has helped Mexico to play the 2011 and 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. For the 2019 World Cup contest, Mexico failed to reach the finals, which happened in Mexico.   

Social Media 

Renae Cuellar has a decent following on social media, with more than 35 combined followers in major networks. Cuellar has a limited but passionate following.   

Net Worth 

Renae Cuellar’s net worth is not available in the public domain. She is a professional football and plays in the United States. Thus, financial challenges won’t give them huge problems.  


Carlos Alvarez, who is a professional player, is Renae Cuellar’s husband.